VsNyyc Battosai or Clyyw sasquatch?

Ive been looking for a new throw for a while and I’ve settled on either the Battosai or the sasquatch. Which one of the two is the smoothest. Also im very partial to undersized throws.

Sasquatch is a very awesome throw. I would highly recommend it. I’ve heard many good things about it before.

I’ll let you know soon. I order both last night :wink:

Its difficult to compare without them both right here, but I only have the sasquatch and its stability and sleep times are unbelievable. Its a very smooth throw but if your looking specifically for smoothness I would go for the battosai. if you want to take stability and spin times into account as well then you really can’t go wrong with a sasquatch. You should also know these yoyo’s are completely different shapes, so that might help in making a decision. But in all honesty no matter which you choose I’m sure you will not regret it.

Im not a CLYW Fan so to me the Sas is just another yoyo. But it plays nice. IF you like that shape and size.

Trying to compare the too is crazy. they are completely different in every aspect. I love teh Battosai, one of my favorite throws. But many dont like the shape.

YOu need to go with the one you like the shape and size of the best. THey are completely different beasts.

THe Battosai though to answer your question is butter smooth. CLYW I havent thrown one without a hint of vibe. not that it matters. still smooth have to look for teh vibe otherwise its fine.

Okay, that is an understatement.

In my opinion, although both are amazing, the Sasquatch wins as a competition yoyo. It’s smooth, stable, and comfortable.

If you’re looking for more of a daily carry, I’d either get the Battosai or the Gnarwhal.

Maybe I was just lucky, but both my Sasquatch and my Sai are butter smooth, no hint of a vibe on finger (nail) grinds.

That said I completely agree with the fact they’re as different as they can be in terms of feeling.
My impression differs a bit from that of the others, though, since I think that, while both are extremely stable yo-yos, Battosai has the upper hand in this departement.

Anyway, if you’re partial to undersized, pick the Battosai. The Sasquatch is significantly larger.

Iv only played with the Battosai, so I couldnt really tell you which one I personally like better.
But the Battosai is Awesome. It plays a lot different then most throws out there, and is pretty smooth. Also the sleep time is amazing. Its also relatively light so I would reccomend it if you like Fast Play. :wink: