So which one… I like their shape and i wanted to know ur opinion… Of the play and generally

I’m not sure how the 54 plays, but I’ve heard good things. Only problem is that they’re out of stock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for the sasquatch, my God, it’s amazing! I have to say, I’ve owned 11 yoyos, Battosai included, and, although I love my VsNYYC yoyo, the Sasquatch dominates. It hits the bottom of the string with authority and character. It’s not a speed demon, but it’s the speed you can keep up w/ easily. It’s just perfect. No IRG, but, Chris said it’s a competition yoyo, so no IRG. It grinds like a dream and spins long and smooth :slight_smile: You’ll like it alot.

If you want to see one in action, I’ve got it in my tut:

thanks!! is the shape rounded?

It, in a way, feels similar to what a rounded Proto/Northstar would feel like. It’s VERY comfortable and has an amazing catch zone.

So, yes, a somewhat rounded profile.

I’d try to get ahold of a 54. I own one… and wow man. they are super duper smooth, they also have an IRG, oh… and THE SIDE EFFECTS make it well worth it. the two that come with it make it so you can play super fast or floaty… and the stunt pegs are awesome. The ultra lights are also nice for a unique look and more speed… and now they have the new hubstack addition, so… 54!