Sasquatch by CLYW Inc. A review by FlexYoFace Chase



I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the Peak or the Wooly Marmot. There was a brief moment when I felt that the YYF Genesis and CLYW Peak were my two favorite throws, but since then I’ve become accustomed to having wider low walled gaps. I believe the Peak is a little out dated with a gap a bit too narrow for my liking. I still think it’s a great yoyo, but I do believe CLYW have now designed their two best models, the new Gnarwhal and Sasquatch return tops. Since the release of the Wooly Marmot I have been a bit wary of purchasing Caribou Lodge yoyos without trying them, especially with them being so expensive and all. I passed on the Bassalope for this reason and to this day have yet to try one. However, a few months ago my chubi Aaron acquired a Gnarwhal via trade and when I tried it I was confused at first, but on another occasion fell in love with it’s quickness and speed. A few weeks later I had 2 Gnarwhals in my collection. haha. Fast forward a month to 2010 Nationals. It’s Friday and I’m hanging out at Bird In Hand and Thad brings over a pile of Sasquatches. He has 5 of every color and two of the colors happen to be the 28 Stories Edition and the Team Edition. My Pal Aaron and I lay waist to the packaging and begin to nitpick the 5 28 Stories for the perfect splash. He chose his and I chose mine… we threw on some string, adjusted the length, threw a couple of combos and immediately knew we had to have them. In Aaron’s case, he had to have two and copped the Team Edition as well… greedy turd.


Unknown, but here’s my guess:

Width: 43.00 mm
Diameter: 55.6 mm (barely smaller than my Juvenile Offender)
Gap: 4.14 mm
Weight: 68.10 grams (weighed at bird in hand)
Bearing: C-Sized
Response: Flowable Silicone


TOP DRAWER!, low walled gap, flawless anodizing and superb response system. I could go on, but I don’t see any point.


When I play the Sasquatch I feel like I’m in direct control of it’s movement. The yoyo doesn’t fall behind or get ahead of me. I think the word transparent would be a good word to describe it’s play. You’re movements are it’s movements. It spins violently fast and is a bit hefty on the string during play and I think it’s intentional. It’s crazy stable with all that spin time, and you can really man handle this yoyo when you want to play fast without losing control. It’s not sluggish, it’s actually quite quick. I notice that I tend to use larger motions with my hands and arms to get it to do what I want.


The Sasquatch has a great feel, it’s a very strong and powerful yoyo. I have a feeling it would be great for long body/acrobatic combos in competition. I’m not the greatest at playing behind my back or under my leg or anything, but I can see someone using this yoyo for that stuff to great effect. Personally I’ve been really into undersized yoyos lately and I’m liking the Gnarwhal a bit more than the Sasquatch. I’m sure I’ll get tired of playing as fast as I can and want to play more relaxed during the upcoming winter months and the Sasquatch will be the tool for the job.


Wow the Sasquatch havent seen one b4 till today… btw how much does it cost in usd?


looks like a metal northstar :o


I got mine for 115

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Feel like your review was exaggerated. Not sure how well I place your opinions when you even remotely downplay Peak but its a very well written review with nice pictures as always.

Sadly, just felt a bit too … I don’t know, like splitting hairs. You’re good at splitting hairs. You have sensitive hands, or something. That’s not a bad thing, it helps find your preference, but I don’t believe that it is that big of a deal.


Thanks for the feedback! I do realize I’m a bit too critical and and judgmental sometimes. I’m also not the greatest player yet. I’ve only been playing 2 years, but I went crazy buying and trading around 35+ individual models and I’ve tried plenty other models from friends. The Essence and Sasquatch are my first stab at reviewing yoyos, I think my opinions count a little now that I’m not a complete amateur. I’ve played guitar for 13 years and worked instrument retail for 9. I can split hairs with guitars and amplifiers all day. I think my anal elitist personality with music gear transfers over into my other hobbies as well. Meh. I wasn’t intending to sound like I was bad mouthing the Peak. I do however dislike the Marmot… haha. Alex from CLYW said I nailed it on the head in another forum, so THERE! haha. for real though, thanks for the feedback.

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Great reply! Much respect. Looking forward to further reviews, I’m on the edge of my seat. :slight_smile:


Wow nice review, and I so wanna try it at yoyo club this Saturday.

On a funny note I kind of laughed when I realized who you are. I saw your yoyo pics and I was like NO! Then I saw you beautiful bearded face and was like SIeCK. :smiley:


I can’t wait for mine to arrive! Ordered a Purple with Pink Speckles.


woah, is that a “the works” gnarwhal?


Hey all,

This shall be my first official post, and I have decided to place it in this very review as I have been corresponding with FlexYoFace through PM’s for a couple weeks now and have quickly come to trust his opinions upon his throws of choice.

First of all what I’m hearing is forget the Sasquatch get a Gnarwhal! This review actually convinced me to get a Gnarlwhal, and I was right there with the rest of you watching that little clock tick itself down to the point of no return at the YYE store the other day. Now if this review isn’t the perfect example of the old bait and switch routine I don’t know what is. I sure hope old FlexYoFace was right, because if he’s not I’m going to his house to trade my new Gnarwahl for his Sasquatch.

Secondly, if you want to split hairs concerning musical gear I know absolutely nothing about it but I am more than willing to throw down some knowledge on my musical instrument of choice, the diddley bow, and maybe the cigar box box guitar with Radio Shack piezo pickup.

So in conclusion, I must say that it was this very review that convinced me to get a Gnarwhal and furthermore his General Yo Essence review convinced me to get an Essence. Now I haven’t received the Gnarwhal yet so I can’t speak to its abilities and due to FlexYoFace’s bait and switch it will be some time before I get a chance at the Sasquatch, but I have received my Essence and that thing flat out blows my mind with how different it plays compared to how it looks on paper or even in front of my very own eyes. So FlexYoFace’s review on the Essence was just about spot on. However, my very first thought on my very first throw of the Essence was, “Holy Sasquatch Electric Daisy Gnarwhal! If Ernie K. could shrink this thing down to just under the size of his MiniStar he may have just been able to create my all time favorite throw of choice.” Wishful thinking? I think not as Ernie’s capable of wonderous things, many many wonderous things.

One final addendum. So now are you thinking about a Sasquatch, a Gnarwhal, an Electric Daisy, an Essence or a new guitar? And just think four throws and a musical instrument or two for us to ponder from just one little review. Now I’d say FlexYoFace has some chops on him!


I don’t think he was saying “get a Gnarwhal”. He said he’s liking the Gnarwhal a bit more right now. Obviously it being a full sized yoyo it’s not going to be as fast.


meteor, speeder, speedmaker, phenom, phenomZIM


I was just messing around. He likes his Sasquatch very much, but he loves his Gnarwhal. He sent me a PM about how incredible of an experience throwing the Gnarwhal is to him. Of course he had already convinced me to give one a try before that so I am really looking forward to seeing how the Gnarwhal feels on the end of my line. If it suits my tastes then I may give the Sasquatch a try as well.


You consider these as fast as a Gnarwhal? Anyways, what I mean was if you put Sasquatch next the the Gnarwhal, it’s not hard to guess that the Gnarwhal is faster than the Sasquatch. For God’s sake, it’s named “Sasquatch”, and with a name like that it should tell you a little bit about itself. Sasquatch isn’t a fast creature. He’s slow and lumbers around the forest with his Knuckles nearly dragging on the ground.


You’re judginf a yoyo by it’s name, I never liked the severe because I thought the name was stupid, then I threw it and fell in love with it.


The Sasquatch is wicked fast in real life. I mean look at anyones footage of him it’s always a blur :smiley: . But seriously I thought the sasquatch yoyo had some pretty sweet speed, but I just thought it was a little to big for my liking. Not saying I didn’t like it, but I didn’t love it more than cake. MMMM cake.

Test Throw of the CLYW Sasquatch.


That’s pretty awesome. I’ve only thrown mine a few times, but I can’t get mine to move that fast, but then again, I haven’t been yoyoing that long.


Both models are sick. I’m trying to get a good take of my friend Tony throwing the Gnarwhal, he’s getting combos that last 2 minutes. He’s been playing for 13 years so he’s more qualified to do “combos” than I am. I’m not sure about a squatch, but we’ll have to test that out as well. As it stands the Gnarwhal is the longest spinning yoyo I own.