Who got a WM2/Sasquatch?

I see the Maiderade is all sold out. I’m surprised nobody went for the Camp Caribou, there are quite a couple left. Tempted ::slight_smile:

I got a solid orange Sasquatch and berry berry wm2

I wanted to get a sasquatch, but I have to see the next puffin 2s.

Maiderade WM2 here, they only had 3 that I could see - very happy to get my first CLYW throw.

The answer is get BOTH mrciurleo!

Ah if only I had the money… still searching for an OG Peak…

Baconlicious WM2 here.

I got a Black with Pink speckle WM2.

I cried when I saw Iceberg WM2s. Cried. Because I couldn’t afford it. And it was so beautiful. :’(

I got the Camp Caribou wm2. Glad i got the color i wanted (looks like they made plenty of them).

I got Blue Sasquatch. Only 6 was selling as I refreshed the page, I was scared that I couldn’t get one. ;D

WM2 in gold. I’m stepping it up with the gold. It’s one of my favorite, but least purchased solid colors. I have a bip bop and blizzard splash WM2 from a past run. Triplets!

I had my eye on a blue Sas’ but I have lots of solid blue now.

was worried id miss a blue squatch…was laying hardwood in my house when it went on sale…

Stoked to pick up the last one just now! next week should be a good week. New sasquatch and my familyroom remodel should be done!!! Winning!

I hope to eventually get a Sasquatch, but, not today!

I want the green sasquatch… I’m so sad I can’t afford it :frowning:

They did make a good amount or the hype wasn’t huge, but I’m glad I got the color I wanted.

Very excited about it actually… I give up on saying no more throws… I’ll just buy what I want and can afford.

Did ANYONE notice that the black with pink speckle wasn’t in this run? I got one from the run before this. I thought I was doing a good job trolling…

I’m hoping that the WM2 lives up to the (community-created) CLYW hype. I’ve waited a long time to try one, but here’s the issue - If it doesn’t blow me away, how likely am I to spend $150 on another CLYW later down the line?

I had the same reservations with One Drop but was very fortunate to have them agree to be a Museum sponsor so I get to try their stuff without the capital outlay - that being said, there’s nothing I’ve received for free from One Drop that wasn’t worth the price they were asking (and I’ve bought several ODs out of pocket despite being sponsored).

I hope the same is true for CLYW, because I really want this experience to be a good one.

I noticed, only because I got that one from the last run ;D

And I thought you were only going to buy Fixed Axles this year.