Who got a WM2?


I was able to snatch a clareview station one! I was really hoping for sunrise kingdom but they sold out way too quick. Clareview was my next option. :slight_smile: I cannot wait for mine to arrive!


You kids are quick with the clicks! I scored a couple.


I got a northern lights I went for the yye fade but it wasn’t gonna happen did anyone else have their devices become vey slow when checking out? It took me 5 mins to check out!


It was so laggy.

I grabbed a Ninja Hurdles.

My first CLYW. I’m excited and nervous.


Could’ve gotten any color I wanted but I didn’t have the heart to hurt my wallet even more. Lol I already spent 300 bucks this past week on other stuff.


Anyone that got a confetti and is thinking about trading pm me, i will hook you up!! Also any other confetti clyws that are mint or near mint :slight_smile:


I worry I chose the wrong color.

I really like the Black/Pink, but Ninja Hurdles is green, which is my favorite color.

Then I look at all my other throws, and they’re all either teal or green based, haha.

At least I know I picked a popular one. :smiley:


I was so nervous i wasn’t going to be able to pick one up, but i managed to get a blizzard splash!


I managed to get a Harrison Hurricane, which is my first Clyw top with this colorway. I can’t wait for it to arrive- this would be my fourth WM2.


Yeah it was soooo laggy. I ended up using my dads computer. And the transfer between mine and my dad’s computer made me miss out on the sunrise kingdom. :frowning:

Still ended up with a color I really liked though :slight_smile:


It took me nearly 10 to check out! I was sooo lucky.

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Are you guys serious? It’s $135 dollars!!! Why? Why?

If my guess is correct it’s all because of the colorways.

That’s a lot to pay for a colorway.


Go spam the Ferrari and Lamborghini forums with these questions.

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I would, but I know nothing about cars. ;D

Sorry for ranting. I personally have never spent more than $64 on a yoyo, so I have trouble understanding others who do.

BTW, Would YOU buy either of those cars?


I got BBB from the first run :smiley: ;D ::slight_smile:

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Is it just me or does the WMM2’s gap, or shape, look kinda “meh”? It just doesn’t really appeal to me.


I will say, CLYW is a brand name and there’s a fair amount of hype. They make good stuff, but it might not be worth the price tag they put on it.

That said, there are yo-yos in the $100+ range that are worth the price tag. The OD Valor comes to mind, it’s one of the best yo-yos I’ve played, and runs $120.

You definitely start with diminishing returns once you get into the $80-150 range, but there’s definitely some quality there.


Oh, and I managed to pick up a Blizzard Splash, despite being at the Real Salt Lake game, and only having my phone and LTE connection. =P

But yes, it was the laggiest release I’ve seen so far on YYE, I think we almost crashed the site.

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Except for the 2012 Mystery Box of course.


Probably true, I just wasn’t around then. Laggiest release I’ve seen. =)