CLYW Advance Scout Released! Who else got one?

I managed to snag a Blue, although I think they’re still in stock. Pink sold out super quick though. Anyone else get one?

Got an orange one. I think someone decided to buy all the pink ones right off the bat cause they were gone in seconds.

Yeah, kinda crazy. So far, only pink has sold out.

Keep in mind, there were only 14 Pink ones that were for sale so they were bound to be the first to sell out.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited as hell to play it. Bonfire + Chief = Super Fun

By the way, I snagged a Blue one. Each color looked so awesome though. It was a toss up on which I decided to order. Definitely wanted one of each. Thanks CLYW!!!

Yeah I guess it could be possible everyone was going for the pink one but meh, I’m not planning on reselling this sucker anytime soon. :slight_smile:

I had planned on getting one, but since I’m participating in the Fixed Axle '15, I wouldn’t get to play it for over 11 months. That’s just a torture I couldn’t endure. I hope you guys have fun with them.

I can’t swing it right now, but if anyone wants to sell their CLYW patch send me a message :slight_smile:

i bought 10 of the pink ones, sorry to say.

ive got a new style going. think 3a, except with 5 yoyos per hand.

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I’m excited to see the first person that puts a pink one up for sale asking way more than retail because of the “rarity”. Who will it be?

it’s amazing the power of suggestion! :smiley:
I read “every color looked so amazing though.”, are 5 trivial colors, always used by all.
I have not taken anyone and do not take because it play very little with my chief, with the advanced scout that is almost the same would be the same.
I preferred to spend 50 for a accellerator instead of 130 for a scout (IMHO)

10:00pm for you guys is like 3:00am for me. I was interested, but not enough to spoil my early night. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I grabbed an orange one. Also thought I wanted pink but when they were gone orange looked great!

To each their own, I own three chiefs and play them daily. The Advance Scout just seemed perfect. I’m looking forward to receiving mine!

that’s right!
I hope you enjoy it! :wink:

I don’t understand what persson wrote at all. Anyone else?

I wrote my opinion and why not buy this yoyo.
I have a chief and I don’t really like, so don’t think that this will give me a better feeling and then it makes me smile because if clyw uses 5 normal solid colors is cool but if they do other, this colors become the usual boring choise .
so I prefer to buy other yoyo that certainly encounter more my taste and that really cost much less, but not for this are worse.
but repeat… IMHO… and the world is beautiful because it is varied.

the system has duplicated my post

He’s just saying that it’s interesting that we called the Advance Scout’s colors good, when they are just solid colors, which he thinks aren’t very interesting. He also said he has a Chief, but he doesn’t use it very much, so he doesn’t think the Advance Scout is a good purchase in his case, so, he hasn’t bought one. He also said he’d rather buy an Accelerator, because it’s cheaper, he likes it better, and it comes in cooler colorways.