CLYW Orca, Bonfire, Scout or Chief?


I plan on picking up another CLYW return top.

Unsure of which one to get. I would love to hear your opinions :slight_smile:

I have them all. And LOVE each of them, but for slightly differnt reasons. I spend a few hours a day with my CL’s so I can share my thoughts on the matter. I can say that if you like CLYW throws, youll probably end up getting them all too!

Orca - Fat, chill and relaxed. String presents is made itself known with a touch of heft. Not as fast as say the scout but very stable. Its got a step in the body that makes it comfy in the hand as your middle finger just nestles right in. Always seems to make you want to throw it again making it hard to put down. That said, Orca seems to get the least playtime of the bunch.

Bonfire - It really is floaty in all the right ways. Its got a slightly mounded center hub that makes it feel good on the string and move with minimal energy. Wide in the hand, wide in the gap. I feel this one is just a freestyle monster. Whatever whenever fast or slow. Bonfire is awesome. I always feel like a boss when throwing the bonfire.

Scout - Its light in the hand and fast on the string. It changes direction easily, zippy but not warpspeed. It never really goes faster than I want it to but have not found “too fast” for it either, but im no speed player so im bad comparison. Scout is stable as well and good all arounder as well.

Chief - Unique in both look and play. Nice in the hand, the inner ring makes it feel like nothing else. Heavy in the hand, light on the string. It feels like. . . magic in a way. something strange and mystical about it, but slays evey combo ive manged to muster. It almost seems like a chief is “THE” clyw is alot of ways. While poor for horizontal finger spins, its fantastic for just about everything and most play styles that dont involve speed as the main focus.

I must give a loving shutout to some others just cause i love them so much. Sasquatch is just awesome. there are still fools gold ones at CLYW’s own website for a steal of a deal. Get one before they are gone! Also the BearVsMan2 is worth the effort to finding. And finally the Wooly Marmont 2 which seems to get the most play time of my bunch. Just something about it. Its smaller, faster, and amazing in the hand. Not the most stable, but often seems the most fun. Not sure why, just love that one.

Wow!! Thank you for explaining each of the throws :slight_smile:

I do plan on collecting all of them eventually.

I should be receiving my Borealis in a week time, very excited for that (my very first metal return top from CLYW).

I might start off with either the Bonfire or Scout first. Do you know why the Sasquatch and Avalanche on YYE are new?

Thank you once again Dust! You have made everything more clearer and made my decision easier :smiley:

Ive heard mixed reviews about the borialis, but mostly that it is great. Ive heard that it can feel a bit strange at first. If it seems a bit strange to you, stick with it! ive heard from several that it took a tiny bit of time for it to “click” but now a favorite. Just a thought, i have no doubt youll love it.

Sasquatch and Bonfire are listed as new cause there was an older version of them available for a while. Whether its a minor build revamp (weight dist tweaking) or just a special batch of colors. I do not know of another Bonfire thats coming but i do know there is a 2016 Sasquatch in the works. Itll be out soon! Check out to stay up to date with the crew and even ask questions direct yourself!

Itll be a tough call about the scout or bonfire. similar in both stance and play. I might even go as far to say that the scout might act as a newer upgraded bonfire even thought the bonfire is really just an upscaled campfire.

There is still one or two FoolsGold Scouts left on CLYW’s website. You could get a Scout AND a sasquatch for the price of one non FG one. I got 2 FG sasquatches (i wanted to make a dual toned one) they said it was FG for vibe, but both of mine had nearly nothing. Others had gotten very tiny and minor ano flawed but glass smooth ones. Such a killer deal! i cant beleive they are still available.

Anyway, if I had to choose between scout or bonfire, i might lean toward scout, even though I think I play with my bonfire a bit more, but I think that could be due to my scout being Rainbow Trout (which is rare and valuable and i want to keep that mint mint mint!!) I bought a bonfire from the secret restock on YYE recently and got a Hulk Splash Fade 1992 one. It had vibe even though it wasnt foolsgold, i was able to tube most of it out with a new axle, and trying several different bearings its alot better, but still worse than any of my FoolsGold ones, so dont be put off about fools gold ones. I contacted YYE and they checked the others for me and those specific colors all had some vibe. Im cool with it tho since the colorway is awesome and uncommon.

Its funny, after playing with my undersized wooly marmont2 for a few hours then switching to the scout, it feels like im throwing a beach ball! there is only a mm difference or so but man it really shows (feels?)!

Anyway, good luck in your journey! Ive yet to be dissappointed with any CLYW yet.

OH YEAH!! i was thinking last night as i was going to sleep about my last post, the BvM2 may be tough to find but the Igloo that just came out is based off the BvM2 only bimetal so, that might be a good alternative.

Good luck buddy!

If you like lightweight yoyos, Chief, if you like heavier yoyos, Scout. They are very similar yoyos, but the one big difference between the two is the weight. As for Orca and Bonfire, I don’t prefer them as much as the Scout and Chief.

Looking at og avalanche and new avalanche it looks to be about 2g lighter for the new version and now uses snow tires and not flowable silicone.

The Avalanche is a totally different yoyo from any of the four TripleOne is asking about, though.

Yeah, but he did ask in his first reply to me …

so thats why it was brought up :slight_smile:

I see, but the Ava and Sas are still different from everything else he named. The weird thing is that the two yoyos have almost exactly the same cup and dimensions and the width is similar, but they play so different.

I was studying those two very closely last night! Also, I think I need an Avalanche to replace my Summit’s i sold recently. :wink:

:wink: Gotcha

How is the Igloo?

Considering it now… As I have yet to own a bi-metal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

igloo has been met with great reviews. While ive not played one, i do have a BvM2 and the igloo was designed after that one, only in a Bi. Would be a great addition.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I 2nd or 3rd the FG Sasquatch. I picked up 2 and they are vibe free. I found ano flaw on one and the other I can’t find anything. Great deals! I will be ordering an FG scout just because the price point is amazing.

Hey Dust,

You stated that the Orca is fat, is it the size that you were referring to?

And is that a good thing? Or a bad thing?

I do like the sound of it being stable and chill :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, none of the new colorways are attractive to me :frowning:

If I was you, especially trying to get a large number of them, I would check out the BST or buy fools gold. You can get them at some amazing prices that way.

The orca feels “fat” due to pretty heavy rim weight. Heft in the hand, but pretty nimble on the string. No brick feeling, no thuds, but substance!

Its neither a good or bad thing, just a thought i had while playing it. :slight_smile:

Hey Dust, what would you say is the most chill, relaxed feeling CLYW you’ve played?

Good question! I would have to say its a toss up. My first answer wants to be a Puffin2. Its just so smooth, and comfy, and chill as ice. One of the best “all arounders” Ive got.

But the Orca and Sasquatch both come to mind and really relaxed (but still has pep if desired)