scout vs bonfire

Hey guys, tomorrow im gonna pick up either a scout or a bonfire when they release, im looking for opinions on both since i havent thrown either of them, im gonna use it for competition so keep that in mind. if theyre are any other clyws that you think are superior let me know that aswell! thanks

Interested in this as well. I currently have a Chief and a Puffin 2. I love them both but play the Chief more. The Scout specs are almost identical to the Chief…like they should have called it the Chief 2 or something. Makes me think I should go for the Bonfire and Orca. I did notice that the Bonfire’s gap width is the smallest…is that an issue anyone has noticed?

DO NOT get the Orca. It is very overrated. It is really not all that great a throw, in my opinion, and the Scout is WAY better.

I have never tried the Bonfire but i own the Scout and it is my favorite throw. It plays amazingly smooth, fast, and floaty, especially if you put a ceramic KonKave in it, but you really don’t need to. You will not regret getting the Scout.

DO NOT take any personal opinion as fact, the Orca is my favorite CLYW yo-yo right now.

Between the Bonfire and Scout I prefer the Scout, it feels a little faster and lighter in play and the shape is more comfortable in hand. This is just my personal opinion though so take it with a grain of salt, as you would anyones.

CLYW makes some great yo-yos, you can’t really go wrong with any of them.


Or get a eyyc sleipnir (they’re in stock, look around) for 127$ and free shipping. It outplays any clyw I’ve ever used by a considerable margin (clyw is still excellent). Also its light, fast, floaty, and 7075. Seriously save some money and get the best single aluminum yoyo made by humans.

I agree it is all preference. Please tell me, what do you like about the Orca? To me, it just felt way to solid, and not nearly as floaty as people described it. I auctually am starting to like it now that i have put in a ceramic konkave, but i don’t like it when i have to put a 30$ bearing in a yoyo before i like it.

I went with the orca…shark zombie beaver color. It’s the most different from my other 2 CLYW throws. And I still have the Ti Dream. The Chief, Puffin 2, and Ti Dream get thrown daily. They’re all so very different…and awesome in they’re own way. Didn’t want more of the same. I know It’s the person that makes the difference…no yoyo will make me any better. Only practice. I look forward to trying the orca

It’s always a little hard for me to describe why I like a certain yo-yo more than another, just a feel really. I like the shape of the Orca and definitely get that “floaty” feel from it and it still feels plenty fast and stable. Just an all around great yo-yo that seems to fit my style. I like the Scout and Bonfire as well, but of the three I have to pick the Orca.