Which CLYW should i get?

They all have great reviews and everyone seems to have diffrent recommendations. How do i choose? :stuck_out_tongue: I tend to gear towards stable and solid feeling yoyos. Not too fast not too slow. So far the Chief and Scout seem like the best options.

Wrong place buddy. They’re all good. Buy whichever one looks coolest. Put this in the right place or read the 10,000 other threads identical to this one next time please.

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Honestly, they all play well. Very few of us are good enough to even tell the minute differences between the return tops.

They all play well but if this is gonna be your first CLYW I would get a Chief

Its just a good first Caribou to have and I really like the way it plays

Scout, or an even better choice a splash sleipnir, they should be on yyr’s site soon. They look better, play better, are better made and out of 7075, and are 10$ cheaper so yeah sleipnir.

I respectfully disagree. Having owned a sleipnir, and played a Scout, I think that scouts play better. That’s just my humble opinion though. I didn’t think the sleipnir lived up to its hype at all.

Key word you used is solid. Thus orca or scout. I do agree tho you should get a Chief first tho…

Don’t get one. Use your money for something better.

Yeah you guys might already thought how to reply this.

But 150$ to 130$ unless you just want Clyw like for no reason. Buy any Clyw.

I mean not worth unless you buy from bst

But as far the price suggests. I would suggest a nobunaga or I yoyo Steel or space cowboy.

For bimetals.

Single metal. Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0. Valor. Marvel. And many more

These play better then the “CLYWS”.

im not that huge of a clyw fan i dont care for most of their yoyos and i dont like to spend and arm and a leg to get a yoyo… but i have to say the orca is pretty darn good see if you can pick one off the bst cause its worth it…

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Main reason I love clyw is their response system…snow tires. That is what separates them in my opinion. They are good yoyos. I have 4 yoyofactory yoyos including space cowboy and Ti Dream. None of my yoyo factory yoyos spin as smooth as my worst clyw yoyo. All my clyw yoyos are very smooth. Whatever machining is done by clyw seems to consistently have tighter tolerances. Just my 2 cents.

The Scout is an AMAZING CLYW throw. I got if for my first CLYW, and i would be perfectly happy if it were my last. If you like speed, amazing smoothness, and all around awesomeness, the Scout is the yoyo for you.

the only reason i havent bought a scout is that it doesnt come in actual clyw splash colorways

I am considering getting a Sleipnir, how does it play? Is it fast and smooth?

The sleipnir is very fast and floaty. When tuned it is amazingly smooth. Some reviews:



Only things I’ve played that are better are the draupnir and titanium dream

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Every color they produce is an “actual” CLYW splash colorway.

Very true sir very true.

I thought the Orca was way to solid.

The only CLYW you’ve used is the Woolymarmot 2, so how do you know they play better?

Orca. Cause it’s solid and good