Entry clyw yoyo?

Guys, I’m look for a good introductory yoyo to clyw. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks

What’s your budget? If you have a low budget, get a fools gold the next time they drop, or get a yeti if you can find one. If you can afford A-grades, then the chief, orca, scout, wooly marmot 2, bonfire, and the avalanche are all great options. Really it’s all preference. Pick one that you like.

Scout! Without a doubt the CLYW Scout. I know some people are probably going to recommend the Orca, but i have both the Scout and the Orca, and the Orca is not nearly as good.

Would be awesome if CLYW made entry level throws. I have yet to buy a full on $100+ CLYW, have bought 2 Fool’s Gold throws for the price of a full price CLYW. And actually they play amazingly well.

I currently own a Wooly Marmot 2 and a Gnarwhal 2. The Gnarwhal 2 is pretty nice and very stable. WM2 feels a little quicker, still pretty stable but rim weight is placed inward a bit.

Well if you can afford it I would recomend the Chief that yoyo is the embodiement of CLYW it plays amazing its not so much a competition yoyo as a chill out and throw for fun yoyo but I love it.

Being they are expensive, I would go for a solid colored Sasquatch, which I believe is the least expensive of all of their metals. That way, you get a taste of their throws and not pay $155 for a Chief, AC2, or some of the others.

Thanks! I think i will get the chief. A yoyo to chill out with was exactly what i wanted. i also like that you can but glowsticks in the rim.

Yea that is a cool feature

Ive also been looking at the bonfire and the avalanche. Would you recommend those over the chief for just chilling out, or competitive play?

The Bonfire and avalanche are deffinatly geared more towards competition

The chief can most definitely be used for competition. It’s quite stable, decently floaty, and can go quite fast when pushed.

Jensen demonstrates the chief’s competitive ability:

Personally, I love the chief. It’s a really fun yoyo. I like it so much I’ve got three of them. To me, it’s the embodiment of CLYW’s style, and a great way to get introduced to the general feel that almost all CLYW throws have.

Chief or Bonfire

Have you tried the Scout?

Yes. It’s a heavier, more rim weighted Chief. Doesn’t have as much character as the Chief–it’s pure performance.

Eh, it might weigh more, but i think it plays faster than the chief. More stable also.

As far as saying it has less “character”, that’s extremely subjective considering It’s an inanimate object. Character in a yoyo will mean something very different to every single person.

I think that the Chief is the perfect introductory to CLYW honestly. To me, it feels like everything that CLYW releases shares a characteristic in someway to the Chief. After playing a chief, every other CLYW feels familiar, but also very new and refreshing in It’s own aspect. I’d suggest the Chief here as your first CLYW.

After that, the Orca, Scout, AC2, Avalanche, and Bonfire also aren’t bad choices. All great return tops.

As far as the character thing goes, yeah, you’re right.

To me most pure rim weighted yo-yos don’t seem to have as much character as floatier ones with a more unique weight distribution, but it’s definitely opinion.

I agree with what you said.

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