clyw scout thoughts?


I expected the double rim to come back, but w/e

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My thoughts: Stop feeding the hype


I’m a little disappointed to say that I feel like it’s just a chief two. Not like that’s a bad thing but I was really hoping for an oversized design similar to the cliff. This just seems like a letdown for the time we’ve been waiting for this overhyped mess :frowning:


^ For those unawares.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Chief (though recently I’ve been tempted to pick one up again), and I traded away my Bonfire since it didn’t really feel right to me, so I’m skeptical as to whether this will personally be a throw that I would really enjoy. I’m definately happy to give it a shot depending on where and when it drops, but I’ll be settling for the final production runs. I can imagine that these protos will go pretty quickly and I don’t really feel like sitting watching a counter go down with my debit card in hand and sweat pouring down my face.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I must admit that a part of me would have liked to see a slightly wackier design. I love the Cliff to bits because it’s so different and unique, and I sort-of hoped that Petr’s next sig would be just as outside-the-box. I feel that CLYW has yet to fill the obscurely shaped hole that the Cliff has left open, so I hope that in the future we might see something a little less competition orientated.

At any rate, considering it’s a combination of some of CLYW’s best received throws, I’m sure it’ll be amazing and go down a treat with most people. I’ll just have to wait and see whether it’s the right one for me. :slight_smile:


You guys know that’s just the prototype, right? CLYW is making a run of the prototypes, but the final Scout design will be halfway between the Chief and the prototype you’re seeing now.


Darn it, I did have a paragraph in my post commenting on this but it looks like I deleted it for some reason.

Yes, I’ll be interested to see how the final product differs from the prototypes both in looks and play. I don’t really have implicit plans to pick up either, but inevitably there will be people who buy both and can give a good run down of the differences. Maybe a classic side-by-side Totalartist shot. :wink:


To me, the Cliff was a mess. Yeah, it was unique which gets it some bonus points in my books, but that gap was uncomfortable to the point of making the yoyo unplayable.

This looks good, but it’s just too heavy for me. I know 67g isn’t a “heavy” yoyo, but with a name like “Scout” I was just mentally prepared for a lightweight. So for me, it’s a bit of a letdown in that regard.

Everything else look great, IMO.


I think that was mostly dependent on an individual’s finger size. I have long thin fingers so my middle finger sits comfortably between the gap. Due to this I can happily bind at full speed with no discomfort whatsoever (if anything, it’s actually pretty comfortable to me). However, I can understand that those amonst us with girthier digits might be in for a somewhat unpleasant time, although I’ve never experienced it myself.

I believe that Chris from High Speed was bothered by the discomfort so much that he actually lathe-d down portions of the catch zone in order to make it playable. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it’s one of those ‘horses for courses’ kind of things.

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The scout kind of reminds me of a metal yeti.


I threw one at Georgia States and that is exactly how it played. I felt barely any difference in between them and if they look and feel similar in the hand too. If I wasn’t aware that it was a Scout, I would have thought it was a Chief the whole time. I am too dissappointed


Looks like half of the bonfire rim with the response and catch zone of the chief, and no double rim. Guess it’ll be floaty

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It’s weird that people are talking about “hype” when we’ve barely said anything about this release up until now, other than not having answers to people’s questions about it, ha ha.

But I forgot, any kind of promotion of a new release is called “hype” now. :wink:

The Scout is not a “revolutionary new design”, and we’ve never claimed otherwise. It’s very much a player model, designed specifically to fit the play style of Petr Kavka, and every aspect of this model is derivative of Petr’s favorite CLYW models. The rims from the Chief, the profile from the Bonfire, the inner catch area groove of the Bonfire, and the inner cup profile of the Bear vs Man 2. The “Advance Scout” prototype version has an inner cup profile that is more like the Chief, but the final version will look more like the Bear Vs Man 2, with the post from the Bonfire. (We’ve developed a few tricks for moving weight around, and most of them have to do with inner cup profiles.)

The weight and weight distribution on this were tricky, but we eventually got it to exactly where Petr wants it.

Both this prototype version and the final version are something we’re really excited to release. It could definitely be argued that the Advance Scout is sort of a “Chief Plus”, but we’re pretty good with that. They really do play quite different…different enough that we considered actually discontinuing the Chief and replacing it with the Scout, but ultimately decided that they just play entirely too different and there is room for both of them in our line.

The Chief is still one of our all-time favorites, but the Scout is a much more competition-minded evolution of that design. The elements we took from the Bonfire really put it over the top as far as stability and play value and while lots of people love the Chief, you don’t see them competing much with it. The Scout is something that we definitely expect to see on stage a lot in the coming years.

Sorry to hear that a few people are disappointed. I know that the Cliff was a huge departure for us, and some people expected us to go even farther with the Scout. But what Petr wanted was a serious competition return top, so we reigned things back and went with a design that we knew would serve any competitor well.

We think once people get these in their hands, they’re going to see exactly why we released it. It’s hard to visualize when you just see a return top that looks like like another of our return tops, but the different in play is pretty noticeable for serious competitors.

Anyway, I should be packing for Japan. Just wanted to jump in and give my two bits before I’m not around for a week, ha ha. Thanks to everyone who’s chimed in with their opinions (on both sides). We appreciate that you keep us relevant enough that every release merits so much discussion, and it’s great that we have so many vocal fans to keep us honest. :wink:






I love that blue color. Wow.

I also love the softer, more rounded rims on the Chief. I’m excited to see how a Chief’s inner cup area affects something like the Bonfire. Mixing and matching designs is always fun. The Summit is/was great. The Arctic Circle was awesome.

It’s interesting that people will complain about CLYW making similar models when Turning Point after Turning Point or YYR after YYR all look the exact same, almost play the exact same, etc…C3 comes right out and says, “We wanted the Heartbeat to be like the Movitation except for this…” and they don’t get any flack for it or for constantly “re-mixing” their throws, if you will. Fans will cheer, haters will hate. Consumers will buy. I’m a consumer.


Gets a big fat meh from me. Comes across very much as “just another yoyo” with nothing at all special or unique about it, not to mention those specs do nothing for me. Will be curious what the production Scout looks like in comparison when it releases next year. In the meantime dem 7075 Summits look like the yoyos to get excited about.


Those 7075 Summits indeed look glorious.

As for the Scout, it’s mainly the spec that I don’t love for me. I don’t compete. I don’t need maximum spin time, I just need something fun to huck around. But then again… lots of “competition” yoyos are on the lighter side right now. Not too many competitors do 1-minute combos without a regen anyhow. You need to take a “breath” or it just starts to get crazy-feeling for the spectator (I’m sure there are notable exceptions).

So, that said, I was hoping for more “quirky” and less “competition”.

I don’t mind in the least that it looks like a take-off on existing CLYW yoyos. In some ways, it’s a plus for me. Just like N8 said, other companies do it with impunity; not sure why it’s fashionable to moan about CLYW’s ability to generate excitement. Freakin’ hipsters, I tells ya.


They made a metal yeti, it’s called the chief.


I’m looking forward to this. Hoping I can raise just a tad more cash before this releases. Has it been said yet if it’ll only be available in Black, Blue and Clear for the first run?


maybe a uragment situation?


my thoughts: its a yoyo made by CLYW and its the signature of one of my favorite yoyoers Petr Kavaka yeah.