The Cliff from CLYW!


Chris just posted pictures on his blogh of what appears to be the prototype of what he called the cliff! Petr kavka’s signature yoyo. looks great!

Diameter:59.5 mm
width:44.8 mm
weight:67.9 g

What are your thoughts?


Me want it now.


It’s like a ge with ac sides, AWESOME!!!


Puffin ain’t out yet, yet I want that too.

Gotta get them all!

It seems this “Chief rim Rings” thing is gonna be CLYW’s theme for a while. Hey, it works, might as well.


Oh man, that’s so awesome. I was literally walking past Chris and Petr at Worlds when I heard Chris say something like, “Well let’s go design a yoyo.” Ever since that moment I was curious. With the undercut and the Chief ring it maybe plays similar to a Glacier Express? Which means it probably plays crazy smooth!


it looks so nice. the undercut isn’t quite as deep or as wide as the GE, and it’s also really big. I hoping for something like a mix between the chief and the GE


it looks like it has the canvas sides to.


Not sure why someone would make this thread and not post pics, so here it is:

Big and light, should be very different from anything they’ve done before.

(WildCat23) #9

Looks like a CLYW that I’d like.

(SR) #10

What’s up with all these giant diameter throws lately?


IDK, but oversized yo-yos are fun :smiley:

(Alex Fairhurst) #12

Love CLYW. And love Petr. I’ll hopefully be picking one up.

(WildCat23) #13

Nevermind. I dont like huge throws.


It’s only slightly bigger than the Chief.

(WildCat23) #15

I like the play of oversized throws, but not the feel. Also, who’s to say I’ve used a Chief?


Slightly bigger than the Avalanche. Slightly bigger than the Sas ;D

(WildCat23) #17

A few mm is enough to significantly alter the feel in one’s hand.


Petr Kavka is great. What’s your guess on the price?


Hmmm. I’d guess $150 for basic splash colorways. Just a guess.

It seems like CLYW is pumping out so many new throws really fast.


The new Ava, puffen, chief run, ac, ge, and now the cliff!