CLYW Wooly Marmot 2

Wooly Marmot 2! Is it too early to start this thread? I think not. The Marmot is my favorite CLYW of all time. It was also my first. From what I’ve heard the second version is a marmot styled cascade with peak spikes. Or the original marmot spikes, correct me if I’m wrong. Jensen used it at PNWR this past weekend and people who tried it said it is amazing. Wider than the OG, more stable, but keeps the float. Good gawd.
It’s a stable, wide wooly marmot. I can die peacefully now.

Ssshhhhhh… They’re sleeping.


Oh my…

This makes me sad in the happiest way. :-\

(Thanks for sharing BenBod!)

Ahhh. I didn’t want to spoil anything, but it looks like it’s outthere now :D. I later found out that Jensen is holding a marmot 2 in this picture I got with him. I’ll share it because those teasers don’t show the hub.

Jensen is sleeping in my living room at this very moment. First person to paypal me 100 dollars, will receive a picture of it with Jensen in the background.


Poor old Jensen, he’s just another trophy in Pauls cabinet… another notch on an ever deteriorating bedpost.

Throw in a free Valor and you’ve got yourself a deal.

As long as it’s not wider than the Cascade I will probably be in love.

Was really hoping to see another 50 diameter x 40 width size CLYW at some point but something based on the Cascade and Marmot, my favorite OD period and one of my favorite looking CLYWs that compensates for the only real issue I had with one of the originals (stability on Marmot) sounds like heaven too.

Pretty pumped for this period. If it’s under 66.5g I’m super pumped, if it’s under 66g I might explode with joy before I even get to buy it. Gonna have my fingers crossed, considering the last Marmot run was 63.x grams and the recent CLYW releases have been relatively light I am very optimistic. After writing that, it’s really amazing what .5 to 1 gram can do to both my perception of how a yoyo I haven’t actually seen will play and how it actually will play.

I. am. excite. Bring on the Marmot Two. Marmottwo. Marmotoo. Yeah, the Marmotoo. What a great yoyo.

Yup. Marmot is my favorite undersized. Looking forward to this.

Jensen Kimmitt at the shop right now. Swing by and maybe he’ll reveal more.

Someone in Oregon pls.

I wish I could, but I’m so busy.

I was beating Dang questions yesterday on the shop cam comments. All accusations of a marmot 2 were replied with “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. I’m onto you Paul :slight_smile:

Lol paul

Is there any info about a release date?

Here is a picture of the Wolly Marmot 2 :slight_smile: I was lucky enough to get one of these at Cal States. It was Jensens last one.




I got to use my first metal, a wooly marmot, at cal states. It was wonderful. I miss it so much :’-(

Can you measure it?

It looks like a cross between a cascade and a peak. This could be very good for CLYW

Most CLYWs I’ve tried haven’t impressed me.

But this looks REALLY GOOD.

With the Wooly Marmot 2 and Markmont’s new sig I think I smell a wooly Markmont 2 coming along.