CLYW Wooly Marmot- An In Depth Review WITH PICS, Comments & Thoughts Welcome

Caribou Lodge YoYo Works
Wooly Marmot (Wolverine Edition)
A Review by Spencer Reynen

Yes, I do realize there hasn’t been a recent release of the Wooly Marmot in awhile, but after scouting the B/S/T for a bit, I’ve noticed a trend in the amount of people searching for one, and for a good reason. Rumor has it that CLYW is working on a new run of Wooly Marmots, so hopefully this review encourages some of you prospective Marmot buyers to pick one up when they drop.

I got this wonderful masterpiece in the mail through a deal here on the forums. I really wanted a Wooly Marmot, and I couldn’t wait to try it from the second I opened the box. Now, I have the Wolverine Edition. Some information I’ve been able to gather about this particular throw is: This was a limited color way limited to around 15 pieces, and was manufactured back in 2010 by CLYW. The Wolverine Edition color way originates back to the Bear vs. Man, where Chris (owner and operator of CLYW, who was nice enough to provide more info about my throw) tried the color way on it (the BvM) and really liked it so he did it again on a limited run of Marmots.

But you may be asking yourself? What does this color way consist of? Well, it’s a yellow base with blue splash. Now this is no ordinary splash job. This is by far the best and most incredible splash job I’ve seen on a yoyo to date. You think YoYoFactory’s splash is good? Nope. After comparing it with this, it makes YYF’s look like a joke. Literally, it’s that good. It just pops, and the slash on it is clean, and defined and you just want to take it to be professionally photographed, it’s that nice!

Now of course we need a little background of the throw. It’s Jensen Kimmit’s signature yoyo, so that right there just seals the deal. Just kidding. But you know it has to be good, right? Also, it’s pretty much an undersized version of the ever popular, ground-breaking yoyo that is the Peak, the debut yoyo of CLYW.

Here’s some specs for you technical people. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, so am I.

Diameter- 50mm
Width- 41mm
Weight- 65g (The most recent run is 63)
Response- Snow Tires (Older ones are flowable Sili)
Bearing- C Sized (Regular)

But, Spencer, how can you make a yoyo review without telling us how it plays? Oh you silly person, come on please, I’m not THAT stupid. When I first threw this thing, it was like “Woah… wow… ooooo… OMOMGOMG.” It was a beautiful experience and it blew my mind. I mean it helps when you have a KK in the thing, but still.

It spins fast. It spins smooth. It spins long. It’s just like, “what more can I ask for?” I mean the thing is DEAD unresponsive. It’s great, because you can do all your tricks on it without any tug or anything. It doesn’t want to come up when you’re doing tricks. But the nice thing is, when you want it to come up, it does. It’s amazing, it does what you want it to do, when you want it to happen. It’s for sure the most reliable throw in my collection. It fits perfectly in your hand, too. If you wanted to design a yoyo that fits perfectly and comfortably in your hand, this yoyo would be it.

It’s just so stable and smooth! I can’t believe it! The weight distribution is absolutely perfect, and every throw is stunning. Smooth as a General Yo my friends, and as stable as a Dv888.

Oh yeah, say I’m doing a set of tricks in front of people. I’m talking one throw here- I’m doing all this fancy shiz and boom, time for an arm grind. So I do it. What? I can keep going? Really? Yup. More tricks. Boom! Time for a thumb grind. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds go by? I think for sure I have to bring it home with a bind. Nope, not yet, there’s still some spin left in the thing. It’s just like, what? This thing is insane, and it’ll do anything, and I’m talking anything you decide to throw at it.

This has quickly become my favorite undersized throw, and I love taking it with me everywhere I go. Heck, it’s probably one of my favorite throws, and I’ve played a lot of yoyos in my lifetime. But beaware, you will become addicted and want to purchase more and more CLYW throws. I just want to buy up all CLYW has to offer this little thing is such a winner.

If you have the money and want to buy a yoyo, seriously bro, don’t even waste your time looking at another throw. You won’t regret picking up a Wooly Marmot. This one is IT. Make the jump to CLYW and you’ll never look back. So go ahead, get one when they come out or get one now on the forums! GO!

TL;DR- Buy one already silly!

(Sorry for the crap quality, don’t have my real camera.)

Comparison shots with well known throws:

YYF Protostar, Width

YYF Protostar, Diameter

Comparison shots with YYF Dv888 (Left) and YYF 888x (Right)




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Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the review and the yoyo as well. If you feel anything should be added, let me know below and I’ll add it. Also, if you have a yoyo you made and want me to review it, I’ll do it. I love reviewing throws!

Spencer Reynen

Amazing review! Just picked up a first run green/blue acid wash Marmot on the B/S/T.

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Thanks! How do you like it?

it hasn’t arrived yet. Should be here this week. So excited!

And rightfully so! Well, when you get it, tell me how you like it. I’m obsessed with these things lol

haha I will.

Just got it! :smiley:
Stable, grinds amazing, long enough spin for my hardest combo, and colorway looks amazing.
Buy. This. Yoyo.

I must agree with this statement. haha

I just picked up a Wolverine Wooly Marmont that Yellow with blue splash.So there where only 15 made?