CLYW Wooly Marmot (First Review)

I got my Wooly in the mail a couple of days ago, I haven’t put it down since then! Lets start with the specs.

Manufacturer Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 65.20
Width (mm) 40.59
Diameter (mm) 50.16
Gap Width (mm) 4.23
Stock Response System Flowable Silicone

I got this yoyo to spin for 4 mins on a decent throw. Samad could make do 9 mins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look: I got the pink acid washed one and I give it a 10/10
Play: It plays so smooth, 10/10
Grinds: It’s good at grinding, but if you want a real grinder, get a BvM. I still give it 8/10 though.
Overall: I would have to give it 9.5/10.

Verdict: I would buy one right now if I were you. YYN just put some more on stock. YYE please start stocking CLYW!

Nice and organized review overall, but you could go more in-depth.

Ok, I’ll try to do that with my next review. But keep in mind this was my first review. :smiley:

A decent first review. You need to include more details while going more in-depth with your review. Saying that the yoyo is smooth doesn’t really describe the play of it. It just says that it’s smooth. Try to describe how the yoyo feels and acts during play. And I recommend that you remove that 10/10 rating scale thingy. Giving something 10/10 isn’t really a review, it’s more of a biased opinion. I also don’t think sleep time is necessary in your review. Sleep time is different form each individual, and it really doesn’t say that much about the yoyo.

I probably can’t do 9 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

The last time I threw a long sleeper was like a year ago, haha. I probably can’t make a yoyo sleep that long anymore. (Unless its a BK2 :D)

What can you do then? Probably 5 minutes more than me, lol.

Nice review, pictures would be nicer, spice things up by going more in depth :slight_smile:

I agree with the above testaments. Think of this: I’m eating something in a restaurant, and you have no idea what it is. You ask me what it is. You expect me to tell you the ingredients, or give you some sort of concept. Instead I tell you, “It’s good.”

Apply that to your next review, I can’t wait to read it!

good review! it could be more in detail than it was but it is still a good review, makes me want to buy one.