Wooly Marmot Mini Review


First Impressions

I have always loved CLYW yoyos, so I thought when I got this I was going to love it too. When I got this out of the box, I was like, “OH MY GOD!” because the color was so amazing. But it was a little dull, like too dark, but that might be just me. It really did live up to what I expected. The feeling is great, very smooth, fits well in your hand, looks amazing! You could have called it the perfect yoyo for some people. I had mind set on the Bassalope because I threw one at BAC and at the time I thought it was pretty awesome. Well, Logan and I had a pretty good argument on which one is better, because when I threw the Wooly at BAC i was kinda like eh, but yea Logan changed my mind(lol).


It is SMOOTH, it definitley has the floaty feeling a peak has but smaller! No vibe or wobble at all! Tight binds! Now I had a question about this yoyo. So my friend said his Wooly was snaggy, so I asked him if it was flush or recessed and he said flush. But mine, on the other hand is recessed, so i don’t know if they messed his up or they messed mine up but if you could give me some info on that, it would be great

My Thoughts

It is a great player! I love this yoyo and this is definitely a yoyo I wont forget. Basically, It rocks IMO. Lol, really thats all I can say because I suck at reviewing but yeah…

This should be in the review section. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol sorry

are you iwantoyoy0?

yes he is on stickam

I think this is a…bad review. You just got it, so you don’t have much experience, and also, reviews where everything is 10/10 PERFECT doesn’t really seem much like a review.

That was cold… :slight_smile:

Constructive Criticism.

I agree.

But Samad did have a point.

not really he was just saying his oppinion

I’ll be writing a full review on the Marmot over the weekend if anyone is interested.

Do it! I should be getting mine either tomorrow or Monday. I’m so pumped!

Guys, write a THOUGHT OUT review that is not just PERFECT on everything.
Wait for a week to get used to it, maybe break in the bearing.
Then write a bit of a more critized review.
Also, try making it a bit more detailed and longer.

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Theres an even SMALLER version of the Wooly Marmot which is already a small version of another yoyo!?? :o

Say whaaa?

??? ??? ???
I wanna know!

The others already said this, but I’ll kinda say the same with some minor tweaks. You need to get used to the yoyo and play it for a while before you review it. You called it a mini review, but it’s really just your first impressions.

And the most important thing about reviews is to be critical, very critical. You have to review the thing like you wanted it to get a bad reputation. Look for every single detail. When a review only says the good stuff, it’s more of a commercial to me. And I would drop the ratings if I were you. A lot of people might disagree on this, but I think that the readers should make their own opinion and rating after reading the review.

It’s always good to have a mixture of fact and personal opinion, but don’t ever make your personal opinion a fact and vice versa.

Addment: I can’t wait to read your full-length, in-depth critical review of this thing.

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yea i didnt really spend alot time on this, i got alittle excited xD