CLYW Wooly Marmot Review

The Wooly Marmot was always one of those sought after yoyos I dreamed of having when I began yoyoing. I remember making a list of yoyos I wanted, this yoyo always being near the top of that list. Once Yoyoexpert restocked these wonderful gems, I knew I had to have one. I ripped open my mail box on Monday, and a whole new love for Canada was spawned in my soul (and my hands.) This is my review of the CLYW Wooly Marmot.

Diameter: 50.2mm
Width: 40.6mm
Weight: 66g
Bearing: Size C (Large)
Response: Flowable Silicone (Stock)
Price: $114.99

First Impressions
The Wooly Marmot comes packaged in the trademark CLYW brown box. No fancy artwork with this run, just a little sketch of the marmot character with mammoth tusks. As I lifted the lid to the box, I got sunburn from the awesome glory of my 28 Stories Wooly Marmot :o. It was wrapped in some brown tissue paper- esque material and included a single piece of yellow polyester string. I lifted the yoyo out of the box to examine the fine details. The first thing I noticed was how flawless the anodize job was. Not a single masking error or scuff. Just perfect blue and silver acid wash with red splash finish; resembling a blood splattered sky. The next thing I noticed was the feeling of the the surface finish. This is probably the best finish I have felt on a yoyo, better than my 888x! Shape is nothing incredibly odd but has a twist with a subtle angle on the rims and wall. The most striking feature the of Wooly Marmot’s shape is the inner cup. The spike surrounded by sharp angular cuts gives a truly wicked look to the yoyo and perfectly matches it’s big brother, the Peak.

In two words, floaty and fast! My gosh this thing was a godsend in my eyes! Right out of the box, unresponsive. Dry large bearing, flowable silicone response, undersized, lightweight, my kind of throwdown machine!!! It handled every trick I threw at it, and didn’t try to fight back when I tried to push it. The grinding surface is THE BEST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! It has a wonderful soft touch to it that just glides across your skin. One thing I noticed about the Wooly Marmot was it’s prominent “bouncy” feel to it. It had a gravitational pull to fast moving hop tricks, similar to Jensen Kimmitt’s style. Considering this yoyo as being his signature model, I can see why this was his weapon of choice. One thing to point out, this run was a gram heavier than the first run. At 66 grams, it still retains it’s floaty presence on the string and fast pace. As my first Caribou Lodge edition to my collection, I can say that this beats most of my YoYoFactory collection. That’s saying something in my opinion.

Pros And Cons
Pros: Fast, floaty feel. Great surface finish. Dead smooth. Great IRG. Extremely comfortable in the hand.
Cons: Can a be a little tilty, not too bad. Spikes aren’t quite sharp enough for matador style tricks. High sellout rate :stuck_out_tongue:

Final Thoughts
I must say, this could be my new favorite throw, favorite manufacturer even. CLYW did the job with a great undersized throw with some real playing power. Yoyoexpert still has a few in stock so I highly recommend pickin one up if you have the cash. All in all, one amazing yoyo.
(pics coming soon)

Not bad for a review. But you seem very biased imo. You should atleast list cons, even minor ones. Nl yoyo is perfect

will do. Thanks for the advice!

That was a Great review! Im getting one sometime next week a long with a CODE 1. They are gonna be my first CLYW and One Drop YoYo, so im pretty excited about it. :wink:

the thing is, the Marmot doesn’t have many cons, minus stability issues, but I haven’t even thrown the 66g ones, so I don’t know how to compare. But I’m loving my Marmot right now. I couldn’t agree with you more :wink:

cons = stability, lack of rim weight, not as fast as it claims to be, the floatiness of this yoyo slows it down, when pushed past its limit of acceptable speed it starts to tilt. I also would have to say the clyw stock bearing is garbage. It gave my marmot a steady vibe, when i put in a fresh OD 10ball it’s the smoothest throw i own. SO there is your con list.

Thanks man! Yeah i highly reccomend this yoyo.

Ive thrown a first run before and there is more stability with the extra gram added on the new run. I dont as many tilt problems with this s opposed to like an 888 or something.

Yeah the bearing caused some vibe in mine too. I just switched it out with a spec and it plays fine now. I honestly dont know what youre talking about as far as the floatiness sowing it down. Its pretty fast in my book. Not lke a Yuuksta or BOSS but it has speed. I dont have tilit problems, only with horizontals it doesnt want to stay sideways very much. thank you for the list though.