Wooly Marmot

They just dropped, who’s getting one?

bought one from capt anxiety so was going to get one but not now

just traded for a 28 stories one so i’m passing too.

Im not getting one, but I plan on watching it in the store and see all the high end yoyo hoggers buy them out in 1 minute.

how many people just bought a wooly marmot

Many but not me bcuz i got a code2 yesturday withoit knowing these were coming out

i did, cant wait for it to get here ;D

i did that with thje code 2 :slight_smile:

what color did you get

do you guys think it will be less stable because of the weight loss???

doubt it. It’ll probably just be more floaty.

And I got one, but not from here. is the blue/yellow splash considered clareview station, even though the blue is a bit lighter than previous runs clareview?

just got it and it plays amazing my favorite yoyo and i have some good yoyos, like skyline, g5 ,genisis.

did any of you get it??


I already have a 28 stories Wooly Marmot. No need for another at this point. I enjoy the one I already have.

After a few days and there’s still some available… CLYW’s not selling out in 5 minutes… amazing!

i got one when it droped

I think Im gonna pass and wait for the Chief

I’m not getting one now… too light for my preferences

I was able to get a black with green specks.

Sweet. We’ll be throwing Wooly Marmots this weekend. Maybe Chiefs too.
I can’t wait to see it!

I gotta get a Sasquatch… I hope I can get one in April! Even so, the Wooly Marmot is, like every other CLYW I’ve thrown, sweet!