IDK what to do...

I’ve been using my CLYW wooly marmot now for about 3 weeks I think. I really like it cause its pretty smooth. But I’ve been having some “personal” problems with CLYW… They are just way to responsive for me. I don’t know if its just my throw. I’m wondering if its just time to move on to another brand… If I did, what would you recommend? I know you will say what size shape etc. Something like the Wooly. I was thinking the Skyline or the 888… Samad will be happy if I switch, ROFL. I was also thinking of selling my BvM and then buying another brand. To compare them side by side. Please give me some advice here…

Are you sure it’s responsive? It shouldn’t be. Check the bearing seat to make sure there’s nothing in it.

If you haven’t tried it, you could try cleaning your bearing.

That would help if there is anything maybe stuck in your bearing, and would make it unresposive.

Yeah, I’ve checked the bearing, I’ve cleaned it twice already. I’ve also changed it for another one. Its Unresponsive, just too responsive for me. I mean, I still have to bind the yoyo, it just comes back sometimes from GT’s and stuff like that. I know thats somewhat my fault, but that means its too responsive, right?

well it could be from the tricks you’re doing. you said it comes back from gt’s right. gt’s could be it. you could also check your string tension. tight string makes come back since it grabs the bearing more.

I thnk the word you are looking for is grippy not responsive. It’s you. Practice more!

ya, that used to happen to me a bit too, but as icthus said you just have to practice more.

I’m pretty sure its not my throw though… I thinking about getting a boss and putting silicone in it. Or maybe its the silicone in the wooly that makes it “grippy.” The Wooly marmot is supposed to play fast, but it just flat out doesn’t for me…

You need to play it more, I think. The silicone may not be worn in yet.

Just give it some more time it may break in it may not, if it doesn’t buy a dv888 i love them.

I agree. Give it some time, or, clean your bearing. If that doesn’t work, then resilicone it. If that doesn’t work, clean your bearing seat.

Thanks for posting guys. I think I am gonna get a boss though. I’m gonna keep my Marmot aswell.

Thin lube your bearing it should help.

And All YYf metals are totally unresponsive out of the box.


Umm why would he need to buy a whole new yoyo for this small problem? What does your love of the DV888 have to do with him? Sorry, just pointing that out.

If you tug does any stirng somewhat build up? If it does its a little responsive, if it doesnt, its you. The problem is when you do a GT the string builds up on the bearing and it eventually acts like a bind and snaps back at your hand. To fix this pull out your hands faster when you dismount, I have a wooly and it isnt responsive at all and it isnt the silicone that makes it more grippy. You dont need to get a boss to solve the problem.

i think it is practice, but i can tell you want a new yoyo.
the BOSS is a great choice. once you get it if it is still grippy then just practice till it gets fixed.
I think if you would like the experiance of a new yoyo go for it. :wink:

use thin lube
or get skyline over 888

He never said he was getting an 888…

My kk bearing on my 888 was responsive, but I put lube on it and now it is amazing.

Ill trade you my completely unresponsive aqua 09 888 for it