The Wooly Marmot 2


The Wooly Marmot 2

Let me preface this with some facts about me. CLYW is and has always been my favorite company…I am a fan of the Lodge, no doubt. The peak is my absolute favorite throw of all time for multiple reasons. I have reviewed many yoyos, not all of which were CLYWs, and I always try to give my honest, unbiased opinion…

Now that that is out of the way…THIS THING MELTS FACE!!!

Oh man, right out of the box, this thing absolutely killed it. The first throw was literally the best first throw of a yoyo I have ever had, and for those of you who know me, I have had a LOT of throws. I could not put this thing down, and when I did, it was back on my finger in minutes. I cannot believe how good it is.

Let’s go back a bit to the Peak. It is crazy how long this throw has reigned among top throws in this world we live in. A yoyo of this caliber (playability, collectability, style, everything) has not, and probably will not ever come out again. But it’s heart and soul lives on. A “small Peak” was talked about, and out if this talk the Wooly Marmot was born. This yoyo was SUPER fun! Small, agile, and still maintained that Peak essence. And now, in the time of the “2’s” the Wooly Marmot 2 has surfaced from the depths…and we are happy.

Now to the review:

I got the Red/Clear splash because I like the basic splashes of old. The splash is done SO well and very reminiscent of the older CLYW splashes (still not the same, but that is fine =P). The red is deep and true and the clear is bright and clean. The lines on this yoyo are absolutely amazing. From the outside, you see a smooth round design with an awesome step around the bearing. Then you flip it to the hubs and see amazing lines and design. You see elements of the peak, but modernized and tightened. My favorite part is the ever so slight V shape of the rims. This thing was designed perfectly to the smallest detail.

This thing is CLYW on a string…but really really really, like completely smooth. I said earlier that I have always loved CLYW, but they are known for not putting out completely dead smooth yoyos. This thing is completely, COMPLETELY dead smooth; fingernail test, grinds, baby bottom test, it doesn’t matter, it is SMOOTH. Every CLYW I have thrown has a distinct feel, and this does not shy away from that. The WM2 has a comfortable feel in the hand, but as soon as it is on the end of the string, it is a complete party. Which leads into…

This thing plays however you want it to. Slow and flowy? Sure. Fast and technical? Sure? Awesome and amazing? Yep! You throw this thing down and you have FUN! It plays SO good! The smoothness makes this thing float effortlessly through tricks. The size makes it amazing for small techy moves. And man does it spin! I have never been able to string tricks together like I can on this. It just keeps going.

This is a throw that every CLYW fan needs, and everyone who is not needs to try it. It truly is an amazing throw. The design is outstanding, the feel is PERFECT and the play is among the best throws I have ever tried. I absolutely LOVE it!!

You need to throw this yoyo.

Now for fun pics!!! =D by trevlor, on Flickr by trevlor, on Flickr by trevlor, on Flickr

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Great review, but I wish you would at least indicate whether you liked it or not.


fixed it :wink:




Nice review man! Love the look of it and that colorway is a great choice. Man I wish I would’ve been able to get one of these…


Very nice review!


I don’t think that I could’ve described it much better. I got mine in Concrete Blizzard, my personal fav color. Despite not caring for the typical smaller throw, the WM2 quickly became my go to throw and as time is passing, I’m finding that it is turning into the only throw I use because it’s so perfect for everything.

Nice review.


I play mine everyday! I got one of the raw protos before they were released and always had a hard time putting it down. Now with the production release i am really loving it. Its a very flowy throw for me