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A new Dirtbag Yeti & Friends Comic just came out. Written and Illustrated by Jason Week. Check it out!

Did you spot Gnarwhal?


Here’s how Puffin’s photo turned out … GENIUS!! … hehe :smiley:


love it chris!

Any ETA for the Comeback Avalanche?

Also, any estimated price?


What is the Comeback Avalanche?


They are on route to YoYoExpert … should be there any day.  They’ll put up a count down timer once they’re ready to go.

Price is $120 (for 2 colours) - $135 (for team editions and 3 colours)

We haven’t had a run of Avalanches for almost a year.  Now that we have a new machine shop to work with, we were finally able to do another run.  I didn’t have the original file anymore so I had to reengineer it.  I made a couple small improvements as well so it is a tiny bit different.

Check out this link for more info:


will the “Floaty” colorway be released at YYE do you know?


All colourways will. No idea what the Floaty one is though. I never named any that. If you mean the Pink/Clear/Blue one … That one is now called Delirium Dive.


oh okay, CaribouNick posted a picture of Delirium Dive, and called it Floaty, so i was confused :stuck_out_tongue:


Floaty was used to describe the way it played.


Just a quick question? Were we supposed to post the location of Gnarwal?


Where can the colorways be viewed? Link maybe? Thanks one Chris to another.


wtb puffin :slight_smile:


In the third picture, Gnarwhal is next to chris’ head on the left. :slight_smile:


You found him yeah!


Photos will be posted once they arrive :slight_smile:


Pluck that caterpillar!

(CaribouNick) #17

I guess people aren’t always familiar with older terms.
I didn’t assume the colourway name because it was unnamed at the time.


WOOHOO!! Get your Avalungs ready! The New Avalanches are going to be released at YoYoExpert tomorrow! Been waaaaaaay too long! Can’t wait :slight_smile: hope you all dig the new colourways!


They are beautiful. I will be crushed if I hold out on these and don’t get a Puffin >.<’ How soon will those Palli’s drop? :-\

(CaribouNick) #20

Palli stole the whole run!!!
The box art has yet to be produced, so I don’t expect as soon as most people would hope.