CLYW Wooly Marmot 2


Its approximately…

52mm diameter
45mm width

Definitely an undersized, but on the wider side

That wm2 looks pretty sweet! I would really like to pick one of these us as soon as they drop. Looks like a really solid throw and a nice size and shape for being N undersized.


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I am aroused.


It’s like a lynx and a puffin had a baby.

And, ya know, a Wooly Marmot! :slight_smile:

But does anyone have news on a release date? Month? Season? Year? Anything. This looks marvelous.

So it comes stock a with gold bearing? ;D

Hey, I’m the guy in the background of your photo with the Seahawks shirt and orange backpack. How random is that!

Pretty random lol.

That looks awesome.

Does anybody have any idea when this is going to be released?

A few weeks. 1-2.

Thanks! Do you know any of the colorways being released?

sadly I don’t. Chuck told me they are finalizing colors right now, but my guess is they’ll have some of the colors they used on the original wooly marmot :slight_smile:

Awesome, and thanks again!

No problem!

I am usually a trusting soul, but I’m so excitedly anticipating this that I am determined not to be mislead—what is your source? Please have a reliable source. Cuz one to two weeks sounds awesome.

i talked to chuck himself and andre boulay. Id say that pretty reliable :slight_smile: