Sleepless nights thanks to the SASQUATCH!

Good evening yoyo experts, So I’ve had a pretty lazy day, spent a few hours throwing some of my favorite yos and some more hours studying for a math exam Thursday. So Im lying in bed and I cant seem to get comfortable or even find my place in the world of sleep, I blame THE SASQUATCH! Ever since I laid eyes on this yoyo I haven’t been able to divert my curiosity from this mythical beast. I’ve read great reviews and I’ve noticed that its on EVERYONE’S wants for trade lists. I get my paycheck Sunday but I just couldn’t wait, the thought of the Green W/ Brown Speckle(I want this one for the color not the -$20 defect) selling out was eating at me so I quickly turned my laptop on and to my surprise it was still in stock. Moving on I quickly placed my order and now can rest easy knowing that soon I will have my own Sasquatch to throw around. I plan on making my First review while I’m at it since most of my yoyos are usually bought on forums and I don’t often get the chance to devirginize them myself. ;] So my question to you all is. Have you ever had some kind of yoyo related thing keep you up at night? and do you guys have any opinion on the Sasquatch?

there’s one thing that keep my wife awake at night: the sound of my bearings :smiley:

cool story tho, I’ve been through such phases but now I got better at dealing with em.

yeah once, I was confused I want to buy a good undersized metal yoyo choosing from Y-factor, Tactic, Protege, or Yuuksta, and now I know that I want to buy a yuuksta

Lol nice, Yukkstas are great from what I hear :slight_smile: yukki spencer is one of my favorite players

the yuuksta is indeed VERY good… i feel you bro… its the 7th day of waiting on my sasquatch… i check my mailbox about 2-3 times a day to see if those pesky mailman didnt ring and put in a delivery confirmation! the wait kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiills meeeeeee!!!

I’ve been through that.
now I’m ok with wating, because I know one day my yoyo would come to me, if it not get lost that is.

That’s how I was with my Sasquatch, now I’m on to a BvM…

The Sasquatch is, by far, the best yoyo I’ve ever used. The only things that were anywhere near it, as far as the yoyos I’ve used, are the Severe 2010 and the Battosai.

I have to say, I’m not surprised to hear you can’t put it down. If I had large pockets, I’d take mine EVERYWHERE I went :smiley:

I played with a Sasquatch once. It didn’t impress me but that’s probably due to everyone hyping it. I
Waiting for an avalanche and I dream about finding a gnrawal. I take my grape soda everywhere though.

IT CAME IN TODAY! PHOTOS ARE UP AND I CANT PUT THIS YOYO DOWN! Its played beyond my expectations!

My gf says the sound puts her to sleep

It’s a yoyo I wouldn’t get rid of for the world. Unless I had 2.

I made a review if anyone’s interested

I have that same feeling right now for the Avalanche. Too bad it sold out before I realized they released…

It’s pretty funny, but I stayed up all night playing my Speed Maker because it was amazingly smooth for a plastic and I was determined to practice my throw.

got my 28stories sasquatch!!! but cant open it until my birthday… which is tomorrow!! HYPE!!!

28 stories Sasquatch?! Omg that sounds beautiful, good luck waiting lol and happy birthday

well its my birthday… but i tried to tell my mum that i had to check quality of it to give the guy i traded it from a good feedback, that was a reason to open it earlier! lol but tomorrow morning i got the package but she quickly ripped the package from my hands and im really hyped up now… ok i gtg to bed… 5am here LOL
when i wake up its sasquatch time =)

Hows the sasquatch just tellin u got aigr for mine just one word… BEASTLY

10 ball ftw. That’s what I keep in mine.

ANYWAY… Sasquatch is beastly. I agree there. Never tried an AIGR though.