clyw realization

My favorite company…but… c’mon. You make the peak then shrink it and all of a sudden Jensen helped create it and its his signature throw. Gnarwhal and Sasquatch made at the same time, identical, one big one small. THEN the sponsor (Sebatian?) came along and he helped create it / his signature. This happened after pictures were released with no mention of him being involved. just like peak vs wolly. Anyone else think its weird? NO CLYW HATE. As you can see it says my favorite yoyo by them is the General Lodge - LochnessMonStar by my avatar. Best collab ;D No but seriously I have like all their throws. Just looking to see if anyone has any insight or opinions.

Speaking of realization I noticed changing the “message icon” to a bring yellow smiley brings a ton more views to a thread. Interesting if you look at it on the board vs the default.

Sebastian’s signature was the bassalope. And the sasquatch actually came after the gnarwhal. Alex Berenguel helped work on it.
I’m not sure what you’re getting at though.

What’s the general lodge lochness monstar? General yo/clyw colab? I can’t find any info or pics of it

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Just because something is smaller doesn’t mean it will play like it.
Smaller versions of larger yoyo’s and vice versa are present in most companies.
For example, YoYoFactory.

Why so?
Maybe because people like the shape but prefer something smaller.larger?
Or because this way, people won’t be like, “oh you copied *****'s design!”

There are reasons why companies re-use designs.
Just because they have the same shape doesn’t mean they play similar.
And just because you think it’s easy to “shrink” a design… no, it’s actually rather difficult, because weight distribution and prediction of play is quite difficult.

If you have no knowledge about designing, prototyping, and production, it’s baseless to say that something is identical. That’s just being ignorant. (It also helps that you get signature yoyo’s right.)

I can tell you most people will think the 2nd generation Avalanche that is going to be released in about a month, will think that the design is exactly the same as the previous generations. But there are a few big differences, one of them being that it will accommodate Snow Tire pads. Previous runs, including the scrapped 1.5 Generation, do not have pads that sit flush. If you shove in a ST pad, it will stick out 0.4mm or so. Takes forever to wear out. I have a few of the scrapped ones and it’s just best to re-silicone them.

A lot of companies put specifics into designs that you wouldn’t know.
You would think that the Arctic Circle was just a hash of 3 yoyo’s, but it took hours of designing with Zach and Chris.

My 2 cents.


Then what about yoyorecretion?
Every yoyo, same shape diff sizes.
Yet play so different.

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yeah, they might look similar, but they just have the same shape, which doesn’t mean they are the same yoyo. I can almost guarantee that if you saw the actual cross section of the design, it would be more obvious that he changed things like the weight distribution.

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I thought this was going to be a thread on how over-priced CLYW is lol.

But regardless, just cause a yoyo is a smaller or larger version of another yoyo, does not mean it will play the same.

Best example : H5 and Yeah3. COMPLETELY different,


The General Lodge Lochness Monstar doesn’t exist. I was talking to Ernie yesterday and he confirmed that he has never heard of this yoyo ever and has never made it or done a collab with CLYW.

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Just because a yoyo is a smaller version of another doesn’t mean it wasn’t created with the input of a team member. Sometimes a team member says something along the lines of “Y’know, I like this, but I’d like it even more if it was bigger/smaller.” It’d be silly to assume that it is always the manufacturer’s initial idea.

Also, it’s not unheard of for yoyos to be discussed between a sponsor and future team member before they are actually sponsored. Sometimes, they are even made beforehand.

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All Yoyo companies main interest and goal is to create a design that suits everyone even with signature throws . So therefor players feedback is the key aspect to accomplish an ergonomic design for play while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape and finish .

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I thought this was obvious so I didn’t point it out… lol
If there were to be some sort of new yoyo in the works by CLYW, I would know.

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I thought it might have been a really old colab

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If results on a yoyo doesn’t appear on google, then it’s probably not real.

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This is pretty much the explanation I was looking for. I want to know which really came first though. I just feel like Chris designed the Gnar/Sasquatch. The only thing the Sponsor really could have helped with the Sas is how much bigger/weight differ from the gnar. I never once said they would PLAY the SAME. Where did you get that??? How much input do you guys think the sponsor really had on the Sas? Is it possible it was just a deal like "ok I will join CLYW if you give me a signature throw because I was offered that by another company… Slap his name on it. Thats what I am really getting at.

No its real. I have the only one ever made. Chris and Ernie will never admit to it though… :smiley: I do nose grinds with it all the time. But no joke CLYW is my favorite I have a peak right next to me right now that I am about to throw after this post.

Signature throws can happen any number of ways. A player can come to the manufacturer with the design, they can suggest certain things be changed off of an existing design. Usually, I think the player and manufacturer collaborate in the design process, the proto gets made, the player gets the proto, suggests changes and then another proto gets made until the player is happy. But it’s not always like that.

One thing that comes to mind is Andrew Maider and the Septopus Leg#2. I’m sure as a sponsored player he helped in the testing, but it wasn’t announced as his signature yoyo until just recently, and proto’s have been floating around for over a year now.

As far as the Sasquatch, Alex Berenguel has been around with CLYW for a while I think. Wasn’t he the one who got Chris into yoyoing? (I remember reading that somewhere, idnno if it’s true.) I’m a little too new to the scene to quote dates on products that came before me though…

…but the man did have his own Peak colorway. The Bearing-Gull?

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I once had the pleasure to trade a few emails with Chris about his designs for yo-yos and how he goes about designing his great throws. One thing that I came away with is that Chris is most-likely a yoyo design genius.

I don’t mean that in a flippant way. When I asked him how long it took and how many prototypes he made to come up with a design as fantastically perfect as the Gnarwhal; you could have knocked me over with a feather when he said “one”.

Anyone who can dream up that yoyo and prototype it in one try; is a genius. Not sure what help he needs.

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Lol it’s not real. Whoever told you… lied. lol
If it’s so great, let us see some pictures.

And Gnarwhal came way before the Sasquatch. And the fact is, even after I told you about increasing size and altering weight distribution… you still can’t see what I’m getting at.

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Soooo confused … haha … nice post!

Peak vs Wooly Marmot

  • Jensen wanted a smaller Peak so that it was easier to do hop tricks. He designed it with Levi. He could have had anything, but that is what he wanted.

Gnarwhal and Sasquatch

  • You are correct. Some people like bigger throws, some like smaller. That is why I made both. Alex helped tweak the Sasquatch and that is his sig throw.


  • The first release had Sebastian’s name on it. Why on earth would we not say his name? Everyone knows that it was his. That is a ridiculous accusation. No comment.

Lochness Monstar

  • This was never created. You are spewing lies.

Check your facts please :slight_smile:

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Thus begins a search that will last decades. YWET mark 2 boys! Lets get the speculation rolling!

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I said he would never admit it ;D Thanks for the insight though, very cool. The hops for Jensen makes sense. The bassalope I didn’t say anything about? I think I said the wrong sponsor in the beginning referring to the Sas? I have been looking for a Bass/BvM only 2 I haven’t played pretty much. Still very much enjoying this Lochness MonStar though. ;D

Chris and I are still waiting this supposed yoyo’s pictures.

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