Jensen Series Yoyo's


Ok like every topic about him gets deleted but I don’t see why I can’t make one. I am just wondering a couple things.

His yoyos:
Wooly Marmot (rounded undersized) …its a smaller peak with his name on it.
NorthStar (H shaped plastic oversized)
Canvas (rounded oversized)

Not many people have 3 yoyos to their name. Pretty impressive. I don’t think the yoyos could have been so different. Really weird. Did his style change? I think it did when he started doing horizontals for the NorthStar then for the canvas it was just for fun to make a really good standard shaped yoyo. I have all 3 and I’m a fan so no hate here. Just curious. I am a fan of all but the thing is I am not a pro and I have seen most pros stick to a certain shape. Is there anyone else with 3 different yoyos to their name? I know Andre does but thats all yoyojam and it makes sense by shape. ???


hiroyuki suzuki has like 5, phenomizm, phenom, speeder 2 (original speeder, but thats not around anymore) meteor, and kickside. He might have others but thats all thats not discontinued.

auggie fash has had 3 over the years

I think there’s other but idk


hiroyuki has 8

tripple jam
speeder 2

(M²) #4

Well, the yoyo isn’t always reflective of the person, sometimes it’s just marketing. It’s hard to argue that he wasn’t a very good yoyoer though. Andre Boulay has 3, the DM I, DM II, Trinity, and I believe the Legacy was also part of his signature.


Well, I think technically, Andre has 5:

The Dark Magic and the Dark Magic II
The Legacy and the new Legacy II
The Trinity

I can’t see why any thread with Jensen Kimmitt should get deleted.

What I do see as interesting is that he went from an undersized yoyo to an oversized. I have nothing to say positive or negative about it. I just think that is interesting. His move between companies and then off on his own is a bit interesting. But I think it’s more interesting how he has changed both shape and sizes. It also shows that a lot does depend on the player though. The yoyo is just a tool. I know he wasn’t with YYF for very long, so chances are they may have said “well, why don’t you pick the one of these that you like the best and we’ll make that your signature yoyo”, which can make sense when you’re getting someone onboard fast and want to start exploiting their name(note, I’m not saying this as if it were a bad thing, I have a Northstar and I find myself playing it a lot recently), then as one sticks around longer, can actually help develop a signature yoyo.

I have a Wooly Marmot, it’s a 28 stories colorway, but I don’t throw it, mainly because it’s mint in the box and I have others that can keep me occupied. I can’t say anything negative or positive about it, but since it’s a CLYW and I’ve been very pleased with other offerings, I know that if I gave it time, I’d like it. I have thrown it, just not much. CLYW does make good stuff. But, then again, so does YYF, and YYF even states that they make plastics that can compete with metals., and clearly, that’s a true statement, especially when in the right hands.

Also, keep in mind that people change. Comparing a $35 plastic to a $115+ metal, well, it doesn’t logically make sense. It does prove it is the throw and not the yo. A decent yoyo in the hands of a great player can create amazing things. A high end yoyo in the hands of a noob like myself is a waste of resources! Wait… nevermind.


That is impressive. Are the shapes very different or more towards the same? I also don’t really count #2… runs. Like there was a Wooly Markmont and also a heavier run of the Wooly… Noone really calls the 66g version: a Wooly Marmot 2. From this list I see a
Triple Jam, Speeder, Meteor, Phenom, Chaser. Are the other ones really that different from the originals? Just wondering.


Don’t forget JD. He’s got 7 that I can think of off the top of my head: Lyn Fury, X-Con, X-Convict, Hitman, Hitman Pro, X-Con Pro, and Eneme.


well the phenomizm is a plastic version of the phenom with no gold plating.
speeder is actually a completely differant shape with solid spin axle new response and everything
speedmaker is a all plastic speeder but still slightly differant specs

his yoyos might be similar in shape and everything but there still differant

(DOGS) #9

They aren’t later runs of the same model; they are new yoyos. The Dark Magic and Dark Magic 2, for example, are different in their construction. Not just the addition of solid spin and the removal of starburst response, but the plastic is molded to a different shape around the metal rims. Check under the caps and you’ll see.

Regarding Jensen specifically: He fell into a bit of an issue with a certain company. He got a “signature”. Then, he got an opportunity to make a new yoyo with his original partner. What is he going to do, make the same exact thing over again?

Also, Northstar isn’t an H shape. Not by a long shot. EDIT: Not OVERsized either.


My brain hurts. I thought I resolved this H-shape confusion I had a while ago.

Why is the Northstar not H-shaped? I’ll go take a good long look at mine and see if I can figure it out.

Yes, my Code 1 is MOST DEFINITELY H-shaped. I get it on that one. MOst of my other stuff is more V or C/D shaped.(D is more rim edge, C is less rim edge, V is pretty much a straight shot form the edge to the string gap). Like:

Regarding the Speeder 2, it seems a bit rounded, but with the lack of a wide rim, I call it a C shape.
My Corli Prototype, without a doubt is a great example of a V shape… My DieNasty and PGM are definitely D shapes as are models like my TFL Delorean and Crucial Deisgns H&H.

I’m just looking to add to my knowledge.


Well the Wooly was two different weights… Same name. Dark Magic it was like “version 2” because YYJ started doing that new response and the DM is a great throw… Also different weight. I would give it the same name as well. I know it isn’t the same but it was close enough to give it the same name. No of course he won’t make the same thing over again (even though the DM basically was as well as other YYJs) but I would suspect constancy with a professional. No hate at all just kind of curious because I myself wouldn’t venture out that different and I consider myself intermediate. I don’t think you get the idea of my post… Just that they are all so different. Also I guess you wanted me to call the NorthStar umm… medium sized? Medium-over sized? I personally think it is H shaped oversized. I’m not sure what else to call it?

edit: let me change that from H shaped to… “not rounded” ???
and didn’t mean not to call it a version 2 I meant like… It’s an upgrade based on the same throw so its not like it’s a whole new yoyo shape.


umm… since when is 2.2" not oversized?


Since… forever? The Northstar measures in at just under 56mm. It’s full sized. I don’t consider an oversized throw to be anything under 57mm. Even those who disagree with me say that 56 is the cutoff, which even in that case it would still be full sized because it doesn’t quite break the mark.


Also Tyler Severence
Supernova LITE


I think this is a pointless argument.


Interesting approach, but I don’t think that the lettering system quite applies to profile shape classifications quite in that way. The term “H-shape” came about when H-Spin released the original Envy, which actually really did literally look like an “H.” Now it seems that the term extends to just about any throw with a pronounced rim step like the Genesis, ILYY Fury, and of course the CODE 1 as you said. There are exceptions of course though, such as your Die Nasty. I believe the “official” classification for that one would be a “rounded butterfly with raised flat rims.” Quite a mouthful compared to “D-shape” so who knows, maybe it’ll catch on. In addition, H shape can also apply to yoyos with a steeply sloping concave profile such as the H-Spin NvX and the VsNYYC Battosai (and the CODE 1 as well).

I’d extend what I said about the Die Nasty further to apply to the rest of the throws you’d classify as C or D shaped. The actual classification is rounded butterfly, which may be appended by descriptors based on the rim shape, prominence, and whatever else may be distinguishing from a standard butterfly shape. These descriptors include flat rims, stepped rims, and so on and so forth.

More recently I’ve seen the term “V-shaped” thrown around which I suppose could very well be on its way to reaching standard yoyo vernacular. This is more clearly distinct obviously than the H-shape because of the cut and dry criteria. I’ve seen these types of throws also being called “straight angled” profiles. Other really good examples of this shape are the SPYY Pro and Supra and the ILYY Valve and Verve which haven’t yet hit full production, but the pre-pros are shown on their website right now. If nothing else I think that these throws alone could cement the term “V-shaped” as another official term in our ever-growing collection of yoyo jargon.

Then when you get into the --Star series, you’re looking at a “stepped angular butterfly,” “step straight,” or simply “angular” profile because the rims aren’t as clearly pronounced as an H-shape, and although the shape consists of generally straight lines, it’s not a complete straight shot as you’d see in a V-Shape. This classification also applies to basically the whole yoyorecreation lineup as well.

Let me know if there’s anything else I should clarify. I all of a sudden got really tired in the middle of typing this post :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I hope you’re still enjoying that TFL :slight_smile:


Tyler has…

Supernova Lite
Severe 10
Severe 09


I don’t think a specific colorway is enough to make a yoyo “signature”, it’s just marketing for fanboys

and you also miss both trainwrecks as tyler severance signature

OG trainwreck
trainwreck V2 (different enough)

jon rob
Bapezilla (sort of)
SPYY Pure (which is why I want one so bad)


My approach to the lettering system I am using is based on how the letter looks compared to the yoyo shape. What you say makes sense. I mean, they are ALL butterfly shapes. The TRVTH is definitely what I would consider an H shape, I mean, that is definitely an H! But that’s just a single example.

I get what you’re saying about the Protostar and Northstar. H-shape is “Stepped-down”.

What’s nice about yoyos is there are no cut and dry rules, so no creative limitations.

Regarding the TFL Delorean: Loving it. That thing makes such a wicked sound when thrown! Smooth as glass and plays like a beast.

(M²) #20

There was a lot of drama involving him a while back. I believe it was before you came onto the forums, but it’s best left untouched.