The Shape Game


I won’t hesitate to tell you what I know. But, I will readily admit what I don’t know. So, I need you guys to help me out. I read reviews and descriptions describing yo-yo shapes as “H,” “V,” Bell Shaped or Organic/Classic. Usually, I see them described as one of the four. I understand the Bell and Organic/Classic (I think), but not always sure if I’m seeing more of an H or a V.

Should I be looking at the area from the bearing to the rims, at the top of the yo-yo on both sides? I imagine so, but I decided to turn this into a game. I will post a photo, and you can tell me if it’s an H or a V. I’m hoping this will help me learn, or perhaps we will discover that not everyone agrees on shape anyway. Here’s the first photo. If we agree, we’ll move on to the next photo. I will not reveal what the yo-yo is until we agree, but if you recognize it…cool:

First photo:

I will now keep track with a list of yo-yos covered so far here on page 1:

  1. Evilyo (Gfunk covered here for comparison)
  2. Theory
  3. Elranchero
  4. Echo
  5. Exit8 (Cascade covered here for comparison)
  6. Supra
  7. Trinity
  8. Punchline repeater
  9. Ozone
  10. Gelada
  11. Ronin
  12. Monkeyfist
  13. Omnicron X
  14. Maverick
  15. 9.06
  16. Raptor
  17. Lagoutte
  18. Lab Experiment 1
  19. Sun
  20. Noctu
  21. Legacy
  22. Rev 1 Overhaul
  23. io
  24. KLR
  25. Macrocosm
  26. Popstar
  27. Protostar
  28. Spyder II
  29. Ministar
  30. HOT
  31. Gnarwhal
  32. Drop Bear
  33. Dang
  34. Yelets
  35. Dibase
  36. Superwide
  37. Tarasqus
  38. Adjust-o-Matic
  39. Aware
  40. Megatron
  41. Overdrive
  42. Catalyst
  43. Avant Garde
  44. MMN
  45. Oxy 5
  46. Cafe Racer
  47. Dingo
  48. Addiction
  49. Speeder 2
  50. Model 10
  51. volume
  52. Whistler
  53. Radian 2
  54. Entheos
  55. Majesty
  56. Cliff
  57. Wrath
  58. Zen 4
  59. SR-71
  60. DieNasty
  61. Token
  62. YFactor
  63. Severe
  64. Chaser
  65. Gung Fu
  66. Genesis
  67. Code2
  68. Reverb
  69. Torrent II
  70. Xcon Pro
  71. Void
  72. Roll Model
  73. Essence
  74. Burnside
  75. Sovereign
  76. Summit
  77. 54
  78. 2.0
  79. Dri-Ywet
  80. DV888
  81. Berserker
  82. Cosmo
  83. Chief
  84. St. Eel
  85. Blood Brother 1
  86. Dark Magic II
  87. Code 1
  88. PSG
  89. Super G
  90. Revolution
  91. Dash
  92. Kickside
  93. Barracuda
  94. BVM2
  95. Blind Orbiter
  96. Arctic Circle
  97. Pocket Rocket
  98. Avalanche
  99. Flea
  100. Classic


I love this throw, it’s so unique! One of my favorite throws, yet I don’t know the proper name for the shape! I’m not totally sure, but this looks like a V, but I feel an even better ID for it would be U shape.


Thanks Big Cat. Yeah, I stared at that one awhile. I was thinking H but, don’t know what it looks like. We’ll let a few others chime in…curious what they will say. :-\ I definitely see a “U” though :smiley:


I would say that’s a v/u shape. h shaped, to my understanding anyway, have some kind of defined lip
like the g5 or g-funk.


Okay, I’ll post a GFunk pic for reference. Please tell me which part of the yo-yo is the “lip.”


First pic was an Evilyo…now what would you call this second one? Also a U?


I’d say that’s more a sloped V. The cuts are a lot more angular than the sweeping, almost elegant lines of the first one.


Definitely not as round of a “U” as the first one, but still not a sharp V either. Some version of a V I’d agree. :-\ I think what confused me initially was not realizing there was a “U” I could use to describe things. Sometimes an “H” or “V” didn’t fit. :smiley:


that’s always been my take.
Also, the classic I believe would be a V shape, as it has a less concave catch zone.


Ah, I see now. It’s that little dip in the yo-yo where the horizontal line meets the vertical, that had been a point of confusion. Also, the fact that when looking at the yo-yo…you sort of have to draw the lines in your head. So, part of the H shape is determined by the perpendicular intersecting lines it seems. I’ll be looking for that! The graphic helped. Thanks. :slight_smile: That last one was a Theory.

Now, for the third photo:


Ok I’ve always thought that there are 6 categories:

V: In this category there is a typically slope straight to the response and bearing seat. This can be curved or straight. In some cases it has two steps like the Rayoyo Chupacabra. The C3yoyodesign Yeah3 ha a “Double V”. In which there are 2 v shapes in one.
Ex. C3yoyodesign Yeah3

H: I’ve always thought about an h shape like this. There are two distinct parts. The outer (rim) and inner (catch zone). As you go from the outside of the yoyo you are on the outer there is a step after that step you have the inner. Ex. Yoyofactory Geneses

Bell: I think about as if you took a bell and put response and a bearing and attached to another one.
Ex. One Drop Cascade:

Organic: I’m not sure exactly how to explain this. The best I can do is a picture. Ex. Ilyy St. Eel

U: Pretty self explanatory. If you look at the yoyo while put together the top half of the shape will make a u.
Ex. Yoyojam Titan 3.

Imperial/Modified: Used for looping. Small catch zone. The exact opposite of organic. Ex. Yoyojam Unleashed


H with a nice curve from the rims.
Dat El Ranchero, always loved their engravings!


All your links are belong to trash. They’re broken.


The links are broken, why are there two http:// per link? Thats the reason!


Wow! So many of you are up late/early. Keeping me company :smiley:

Thanks DrAwesome…fix those links for us so we can have a look. Thanks for pointing it out ASL. Also, I like your written descriptions of the 6 types DrAwesome… I was focusing on wings, but no need to leave out the modified/loopers in this game. I guessed “H” for the Ranchero due to the lip…even though the lip is so high. I’m improving!

4th throw:


I’m in England right now, keep forgetting the 5 hour difference :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the 4th throw, I’d say that it’s a modified butterfly/H shape


We can’t forget inner cut shapes, like the Cliff and Glacier Express. CLYW refers to their shape as I-beam or “Train track” shapes.


Awesome!! Take lots of pics while there. We wanna see! The internet is so cool cause you never lose touch on long trips like that. Wishing you a safe return. I guessed H on that because of the lip, but almost thought V because the rounded rims give it a softer look. The 4th was an Echo. Time to mix things up a bit:

5th Throw:


neat! what are you doing in england? just a vacation?


this is a u/v shape.


Hmmm…but would you call it a bell shape like the Cascade? Tell my why or why not. Curious. :-\ Is a bell just a certain type of H/V ?