Sasquatch Review


So, I know mostly everyone has had the chance to play a Sasquatch so this review’s for people who are wondering what it plays like…

Well first I’ll start off by stating a few things that I like about the Sasquatch.

First, I’ve been throwing the Sasquatch for about 7 months now and after trying tons of throws, it’s still my favorite for several different reasons. One out of every clyw yoyo that I’ve played with, the Sasquatch definitely has the longest spin time I’ve ever had in a yoyo (actually the only yoyo that actually has a longer spin time that I’ve played with is the SuperNova). Second of all, it’s the most stable yoyo that I’ve owned. You would expect the Sasquatch to play really heavy at over 68g and has this much stability but its actually not. It really just feels like one of those average throws. Third of all, it’s even great for fans of grinding. I can do every single grinding trick on the Sasquatch, even thumb grinding, even though the IGR isn’t so great.

Next, I’ll talk about a few things that the Sasquatch can improve on. First, as I mentioned above, the Sasquatch could use a tiny bit more IGR but that’s really a small issue. Really other than that, I really can’t find any things it could improve on.

To finish this review off, I’ll talk about recommendations for this yoyo. First, I would definitely recommend the Sasquatch for anyone who likes to throw full sized yoyo’s. Second, I would also recommend this yoyo for players who love to do grinding tricks. Thirdly, I would recommend this yoyo to everyone, because of its amazing stability and spin time. Other than its amazing play, this yoyo simply looks amazing and also has an amazing same that definitely fits its playability. Again, in my honest opinion, outplays every clyw yoyo that I’ve owned which includes the Peak, BvM, Chief, Avalanche and the Arctic Circle.

So, if you wanna try out a Sasquatch I would highly recommend checking out the bst.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice review! I’m thinking of getting a Sasquatch soon but I’m not sure. How would you compare it to the Avalanche?


I lllooovvee Squatches ;D


Have they been discontinued? There hasn’t been a run in a while.


Actually thats the run they’re doing next. Sasquatches I mean


CLYW just the fact that they were doing another run of The Sas on Instagram.