Sasquatch vs. Valor

I’m a bit unsure about what to get. I like yoyos that’s stable, long spinning and that can play fast without being uncomfortable about it. Problem is i think both these fit the bill. And they’re pretty much the same price aswell. Any advice?

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

Valor for sure. People seem fairly down on the Sasquatch, and i understand why, it’s heavy, clumsy, and lifeless. The Valor however gets insanely good reviews from pretty much everyone who’s played one.

Hmm… I’ve read some less than stellar reviews of the Sasquatch - though i’ve also read alot of really stellar reviews about it.

I’m not sure if you’re referring to the original Sasquatch or the Sasquatch 2, I only have the original so I’m going to use that as my frame of reference.

I love both of them and play both of mine regularly. The Sasquatch plays pretty heavy and solid, so whilst it has great spin and stability, it perhaps isnt the best yoyo if you’re looking for fast play. The Valor is bigger, wider and faster, but doesn’t have quite the same stability that the heavier Sasquatch does.

I use the Sasquatch when I’m trying to come up with new tricks because the spin and stability gives me time to slow down and think, and I use the Valor when I’m practicing a freestyle or just throwing hard to a song I love. For me this illustrates the difference in play between the two of them.

If I was asked to choose between them, personally I’d go for the Valor. It looks beautiful and it plays fast, smooth and oh so wonderfully… so although the Sasquatch is slightly more stable, the Valor makes for a more enjoyable throwing experience to me.

Both great yoyos in their own right and you can’t really go wrong with either, so it really depends on which fits your preferences more. That being said, I would recommend the Valor to anyone as a fantastic choice. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Went for a Valor :slight_smile: Looking forward to try it out

I love the Valor. I’m actually surprised the Sasquatch is more stable, as long as we’re talking about staying on-plane (tilting) type of stability.

What I think I liked even more about the Valor is that it wasn’t instant love at first play… so when I suddenly recognized its awesomeness after a few days play, it became a truer enjoyment. :wink: