Summit vs. Sasquatch

Which one should I get?

I like: solid, stable yoyos. W or V shape. Yoyos I already like: VK Slusny, Shutter, W benchmark, V benchmark, Too hot.

Solid? Both of them are good
Stable? Summit
W or V shape? Sasquatch
Based off of what you like? Either

I say just try one out.

Summit’s I’ve heard are pretty light (while I won’t say the one’s I’ve thrown are light I know the Sasquatch is a tank).

In this case, the Sasquatch is the clear choice. I also like solid, stable yoyos and the Sasquatch is one of my favourites.

Don’t get me wrong, the Summit is a fantastic yoyo, but it plays faster and lighter than the Sas’, and I wouldn’t personally say it has the same level of stability (which isn’t surprising since you can see by the design it wasn’t designed specifically to be stable).

If it’s solid stability you’re looking for then the Sasquatch is the way forward. :slight_smile:

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