Can't decide between addiction, SOLARIS or Sasquatch.

I was wondering which you liked the best. Please help.

I personally love the Sasquatch. It is comfortable, is ultra stable, and spins forevever. It also has great colors. Did I mention it was stable? It is a really great throw, but so is the addiction. It is über smooth, and great at matador. While I have never gotten to enjoy a Solaris, I have heard nothin but good things about it. :slight_smile:

Between the two SPYY’s, the solaris, in my opinion would be the obvious choice. It is the model that has the best spin times and stability to date for spyy. The addiction’s bearing seat is a little bit deeper than most yoyos so the whole width of the bearing isn’t used so it is easier to tilt the yoyo. The addiction also didn’t have as much spin time as I thought it would, it is a very smooth yoyo, but I was deeply disapointed at the lack of performance. I have not tried any CLYW yoyo ( I will soon though) but I would definitly go for the solaris, because it would fit my style more I think. The solaris is also built for competition, I’m not saying you can’t compete with the sasquatch,(Im sure that it does well) but it was not specifically designed with being a competition model in mind.

It won’t really matter which one you get. You will like whichever you convince yourself you like.

But I personally like the 19 mm outer-diameter CBC pad recess more than the wide “Snow Tires” recess. But that’s just me.

Both are Canadian, both are made from 6000-seriese aluminum alloy (90% sure), and I can tell neither from each other while playing blindfolded.


The addiction. Just because of that bad a skull on the side, best looker of the bunch.

What about the H5 from C3?

Honestly I was not a fan of the Addiction. I’ve had two…and both felt stupid in my hand. I did not enjoy the way they played either. The aesthetics were spot on but that means nothing towards it’s playability.

I have never played a Solaris but judging by it’s specs and SPYY’s top notch manufacturing I can speculate that it plays extremely well. That is of course just speculation though.

The Sasquatch is the one I’d go with. It plays a little slower than the above mentioned throws but it is stable, comfortable and comes in a variety of cool colorways. Not to mention I prefer CLYW’s blast to SPYY’s.

The addiction is pretty meh.

Seriously though, just go with your gut. they are all good yoyos, and can all do the same thing. You have made like 3 topics already. Just pick a yoyo and go. The time you spend making these topics is time you can spend ordering your yoyo and getting it sooner

I know I’ve changed my mind many times but how is the jirorian.

Big. :wink: