Recommend me a SPYY, will ya?

I’ve been trying to get at least one throw from all the major manufacturers, and it’s SPYY’s turn. Any and all thoughts are appreciated. I’ve heard lots of good things about this brand. What’s a good throw to start with the brand?

Since we’re not talking titanium or Slick YWET here, pretend price is no object. I’ll just save longer if I need to. Also, 1A is my main interest.

I just bought a supra and I love it.

I only have one spyy which is a Dynamo. I love it, I just haven’t been able to play it for a while because the bearing needs cleaning. It’s a fantastic player and was very reliable in my last talent show performance. Interesting shape, great grinds, super fun and an awesome performer. I would definitely recommend getting one before they are all gone. The price is a bit much but it is definitely worth it. Also, the designs in
the cups are really really cool!

I have a few SPYYs and I love them all. Explain likes and dislikes of other throws and I will do my best to be helpful I have a PRO, Addiction, Pistolero, Dynamo, and an El Ranchero. I tend to carry my PRO and Addiction most often due to versatility.
Good luck choosing from such a variety of different throws.

Supra and Pro are both awesome performers. They’re all great though.

I have two SPYY throws. The Solaris and the Ronin. Completely different throws, in fact so different that it’s surprising they come from the same company.

Of the two, hands down, the Solaris. One of my favorites.

The only SPYY I own is a Supra. It plays amazing and is considered by some people to be the best undersized yoyo on the market. :slight_smile:

Though if I could own another, it’d be a Speed Freak. :smiley:

I have a Ronin, a Pro, and an Addiction v2. All 3 are great, but my favorite of the 3 is the addiction. Mine is dead smooth. It’s a yoyo that can adjust to your needs. It can go slow or pretty fast. Pretty consistent play and it just looks great. It’s one yoyo that will keep a spot in my collection.

I’m also interested in getting another SPYY. When I was stupid and didn’t know my preferences I bought a SPYY Skyy Chaser. It’s not bad, but it’s not good. It’s alright. Really interested in getting a Pro, Addiction, or Supra. Those three really appeal to me, but I have yoyos that are higher priority for me to get first. (Chief, Code 2, etc)

I’ve owned 4, and have kept 2. The Pro and the Supra are very long spinners, but the Pro outspins the Supra. I would not recommend the Stryker or the Ranchero as they don’t offer the kind of spin power as the other 2.

Yeah, my Skyy Chaser spins for like two seconds. haha

Really depends on what you prefer, Do you like the whole organic shape? If so, I very highly recommend the Addict (D bearing) Addiction, Addiction v2, or the Speed Freak.
Do you like the more H shaped or V cut throws? Solaris, El Ranchero, the seemingly wonderfully curvy Dynamo (pretty much the only SPYY I have yet to try).
Some of their absolutely no hands down amazing bestest of all players are the Pro, Solaris, Addiction, and El Ranchero.
SPYY is a really great company that seems to have something to fit any and all of you’re likings, They all play well, so now it is really up to you on preference, Shape, and Weight.

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You absolutely cannot go wrong with a SPYY. Whichever yoyo you choose you will love. The Solaris was my favorite yoyo and in a lot of ways still is. The Dynamo is so curvy, organic, smooth. It’s like a little slice of yoyo heaven. The El Ranchero is a powerhouse. It will destroy anything you throw at it. I’ve had a very hard time putting mine down and I don’t usually enjoy such flat rims but it is absolutely amazing. Probably my longest sleeping SPYY. Dynamo is probably my favorite but Solaris was my favorite for so long I have a hard time saying I like the Dynamo more.

Addiction is exactly as advertised. An Addiction…and the Pure was Pure GOLD! Oh man…just get a SPYY you’ll love whichever yoyo you get. You cannot go wrong.


Thanks for all your comments, everyone. I really appreciate your time and expertise.

I’ll probably end up with the Addiction or the Dynamo.

For the record, I like grinding, round surfaces, and throws with spikes or hubstacks. My favorite yoyos for learning a new trick are the CODE 2, the Cascade, and the Viszilla. But the only yoyo I actively don’t like is the G-Funk, probably because my hand is a little too big for it. Hmm, maybe I should head over to B/S/T and see if anyone wants a slightly dinged G-Funk :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Isn’t it great when people offer useful information AFTER the question has been at least well addressed?

I know they aren’t made anymore but the RSL looks killer.