Craving more SPYY!


My SPYY collection currently consists of OG Punch Line, El Ranchero, and Dynamo.

The great thing about that set is that they’re very different from one-another! I’d say the Punch Line is my current favourite, but I’ve been back to the El Ranchero for the past few days and it’s a real performance beast, so smooth and a tonne of fun! I’m happy to have the Dynamo and I’m going to continue getting a feel for it, but out of the 3 it’s my least preferred.

As luck would have it, SPYY seem not too hard to get a hold of. I’m currently thinking of either an Addiction or a Speed Freak. I’ve got Supra in the back of my mind, too, and maybe a Pro. I’m not feeling super motivated by the rest of the line just yet. All in good time. :wink:

I tend to like spikes, which is why I’m leaning toward the Addiction or Speed Freak rather than the Supra or Pro. I like lighter weight, and the whole bubbly small-and-light-but-stable thing about the Punch Line is what got me hooked.

Does anybody have opinions on a next SPYY I should look into? Keep in mind that although I love the Punch Line, I also love variety. If I wanted a Punch Line-alike, I would get another Punch Line. :wink:


You could try the Galactic Goose. Definitely some SPYY spikes on those puppies, and they’re fun to play. They do have some odd grooves which some dislike, but it’ll definitely make you precise. I would say they’re a ton of fun. So not quite as good as the Punchline :wink: but fun nonetheless. Plus it’s just something a bit unusual.


Reading this got me super excited!! I’m glad you’re really enjoying your SPYYs. Reading your post I’d recommend the Addiction since I have not played a speed freak. The Addiction is on the lighter side (not as light as the Speedfreak from looking at specs), can be a pretty nimble while also being stable, and pretty long spinning. The nice organic shape makes it very comfortable to hold. I’d imagine that with the few grams difference between the addiction and speedfreak would make the speedfreak a bit zipper. If you go with an Addiction I’d also recommend running it with a CT bearing, because boy does it make this yoyo shine!!

Now on to the Pro and the Supra. Don’t let the lack of spikes deter you from adding these 2 beasts to your arsenal. They are both super stable/rim weighted throws that are excellent performance yoyos. They both destroy horizontal tricks and make landing tricks very easy with their wide open catch zones. For me personally, the Pro and Supra the top 2 spots for my favorite SPYYs.

If you have any more questions about SPYYs feel free to ask. I own 15 different SPYY yoyos, and 11 of the 15 are from the modern line up. I’ll gladly help you (or anyone) pick your next SPYY yoyo.


Thanks, guys! Sanchez, I’ll surely hit you up any time I have questions that I feel dumb opening a new thread for. :wink: You’ve been fairly warned! Many thanks for your opinions shared thus far.


I live my speed freak, very fast and light! However the pro is super stable, and just good feeling in the hand. They are for sale too ::slight_smile:


I’ve played with both the Supra and Pro. You won’t be disappointed with them if you like SPYY

(M.DeV1) #7

Trainwreck or nothing!


Looks like a great one for many reasons; not sure about playing it, though… 3.3mm gap seems schmall. :wink:

Side note: I did not know Tyler Severance had a signature SPYY yoyo!

n00b and dingo, thanks for sharing your opinions, too!


Had one. Pretty insane yoyo for 5a, plus the mini-flat rims feel so awesome in the hands.
Plays sooooooo similar to a Berserker…

(M.DeV1) #10

Easily in my top 5 favorite spyy throws.


Don’t let the gap fool you. The “D” bearing SPYY equipment is fine (I prefer it). I think you will see SPYY take off if more people play them, like GeneralYo did a few months ago. Get them before that happens. Pointing you in the direction of an Addiction via PM.


I really liked the Addiction that I had. Silky smooth, great bead blast, long spinning, very floaty, and has a wonderful feel in the hand. I regret trading it.

I have an og trainwreck, and it’s a beast, but I got to try a Trainwreck II a couple years ago, and I liked it better because it was lighter, beadblasted, and had more rounded rims. Also don’t let the small gap deter you, you can pick up some shims to make it bigger.

SPYY just has too many good throws.


PM’d :wink:

My suggestions:
-Revenger(curveball :smiley: )


Revenger, eh? That one comes along a little less frequently. You know, it’s not a bad suggestion; I was kind of against wide throws before, but the Superwide turned out to be really fun. I’d be willing to try a wider throw than I normally prefer.


Another fun SPYY is the Ronin. The unique shape is very interesting and super stable. My current spyy love


The revenger is quite the player, surprisingly. Doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the hand and the slightly wider than average body doesn’t get in the way all that much when doing more intricate string tricks. If you want something a little different to throw around, and are able to find one I’d get one.


I heard the Ronin plays a bit heavy on the string, and it’s a high-walled throw. I’m not sure it’s on the short list yet, but I’d love to try one… man, I wish there were a yoyo club around here somewhere… :wink:

'Nother nod to the Revenger suddenly has me interested. I had a conversation about the Addiction; it seems that it might play a bit too similarly to the Punch Line for me to stay super-interested in it. I mean, some day I will probably get one, but for now I’m still thinking “variety” which is part of why the Revenger suddenly has my interest.

I think the Supra, Pro, and Speed Freak all still fit the “different” categorization, too. Definitely the Ronin does, but not in a way I’m leaning towards.


Also I don’t think the amplifier was mentioned that is a nice long spinning stable yoyo. I really liked it when I tried it out last.


Loved the look of the Amplifier from the first time I saw it, but it seems very much a competition-oriented throw, which I’m not currently in the market for. Also, although I’ve never compared the two, it seems to me that the Dynamo and Amplifier might have a lot in common. Amplifier is one of those throws I haven’t heard too many people say anything bad about.

Appreciate the opinion!


Continuing to have some conversations via PM. The Solaris was suggested to me as a light, fun throw. The Pro and Supra got more votes.

I remembered the Spyder II as well. In the undersized department, and thinking more in terms of “this yoyo makes me smile when I play it” rather than “this thing is a performance beast” (though the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive… you might smile because of performance beasts!): between the Supra and Spyder II which of those two is a standout?

Better yet: has anybody played both of them in order to compare?

Despite strong recommendations for the Pro, I’m starting to think that the Supra, being Pro-like yet undersized, covers more bases for my current quest.