How good are SPYY yoyos?

i havent heard much about them anyone have some opinions on how good they are?!

they beat CLYW if you want a solid, smooth yoyo.

they are so super awesome. seriously.

wich one is best for competition?

Depends. How good are you?

Addiction, Orbitron, Dynamo, Amplifier, EH.

SPYY is my favorite company!!

The best competition yoyos, I think, are the Solaris, Pro, Supra, Amplifier, Addiction, Dynamo, and El Ranchero. I’d use any I these to compete. I have one of all of those and they are some of the best I’ve ever used.

what is the one best one they make in your opinion

I love my Solaris.

Spyy is amazing every one I’ve tried any one that doesn’t have one its a no brainer get one.

all of them my fav is the addiction or romin

Personally in experience I ended up with a star grade orbitron 5000 for free in a trade and wow was I surprised looking at pictures of SPYY throws they don’t look attractive IMO but after throwing the orbitron I really got into SPYY and now have orbitron pro and punchline and all ate stable and great throws. Give them a shot for sure I am going to buy a amplifier soon hopefully

I had the same ronin jackbates has and the ronin is a great yoyo just wasn’t my style

The supra plays on-par with Messiahs.

so supera or amplifer is what im hearing?

pretty much any spyy, really.
I’ve tried the addiction, revenger, orbitron 5k, ronin, spyder II, an original punchline, and a punchline repeater, and I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about any of them. I’m currently trying to get my hands on an el ranchero or pistolero.

My friend has a spyy its the best yoyo ive tried. I have a hitman and dark magic 2 so thats saying a lot

Wow really?

Are they really this good?

To be honest, I have never purchased one because they look cheap and yoyofactory status.

omg get one, beats one drop IMO.

Not very…
Unless you like a really smooth spinning yoyo that looks good too.