SPYY - What do you like?


Thinking about getting a SPYY for my next yoyo. What are your favorites out of what yoyo expert currently sells?

I don’t really like undersized and my Chief is my favorite. Thanks!


Out of what is currently at YYE?

El Ranchero. It will give you similar stability and spin time to the Chief, while being totally different from the Chief. :wink: You want different, don’t you?

That’s actually the important question: do you want something similar to the Chief, or something different? Familiarity or Variety?

The most -similar- to the Chief is the Dynamo. I don’t know why, but the Dynamo got mixed reviews last time it came up; some people indicated they thought it played heavy, while others of us did not share that observation (I find it plays a tad less floaty than the Chief, but didn’t feel like a whole other category…).

All that said, I’m only not saying “Punch Line Repeater” because I haven’t played one. My favourite yoyo is the Punch Line “original”, though, which makes me think I’d probably also enjoy the Repeater. I mean, here’s a yoyo that couldn’t be much more different from the Chief. It’s compact and bubbly feeling (it feels like how it looks!). It’s even floatier than the Chief if that’s the direction you want to go. It is less forgiving and will go off-axis more easily (not saying it’s super-tippy… it’s just fine, but it’s no stability monster like the Chief). The OG is just SOOOoooo comfortable, nimble, and FUN to play.

I have not played the Amplifier, but apparently it’s just amazing in the “not floaty; explicitly competition-oriented” category. Worth looking at. I will probably get one some day.

From what’s in at YYE, the Spyder II is actually what has my interest. :wink: I’m not saying I’m recommending it (never played one)… but if there’s a SPYY that’s even less like the Chief, that’s probably the one! Haha!


The Flying V is an absolutely brilliant yo-yo.

(M.DeV1) #4

I prefer the oldschool ones myself. Trainwreck, Radian. However I do really enjoy the solidness of the orbitron 5000.


Flying V, Trainwreck, Radian… sadly no longer at YYE. :wink:

Of the unavailable ones, I’m really starting to love the Pro. At first I thought it was so bland, being extremely competition-focused in shape, feel on the string, and performance. But once I embraced those qualities instead of railing against them, I realized what a great throw it is. Its little brother the Supra is exactly the same, but with the fun (and tradeoffs) you’d expect from 50mm diameter.


If you want something big that can play like the chief (super stable, long spinning, slightly oversized), I’d go with an amplifier. It’s not as wide as a chief, but it can kill combos like a chief!!


That’s the problem with SPYY, every time I read people raving about them, it’s always a model that’s no longer for sale.


Dynamo isn’t for sale either. It’s got a page but all the models are gone. Too bad because it’s got great colorways and design.

I’m a beginner, so I really don’t know what I like. I need others to tell me what I’d like. :slight_smile:

Of what unresponsive I have used I like Chief>Supernova>DM2>Protostar>DV888.

What were you playing in your “Old Man Video” from the other thread?


I do believe it was a One Drop “Code 2”.


Spyy ronin is mid sized and super solid


Oh, so that’s off topic. lol

I love the Johnny Jump Up in the background btw. My kids have the same one.


Haha, it’s great! My sons have both loved that thing. Our entire house is basically overrun with toys. We try to discourage toy purchases but the relatives keep bringing more stuff… then there’s the junk you get from Happy Meals or “Chucky Cheese”-type prizes and stuff… so much stuff…

Not to mention all the yoyos occupying the dining room table right now. :wink:

On-topic, SPYY is my favourite, but unless you have a particular reason to limit yourself to SPYY, there are other great brands out there, too.


Yeah, my house always looks like a toy store explosion too. I’ve tried to limit the amount of toys they have but they are the only grandchildren of 4 local grandparents so you can guess how well that works. I just sneak old stuff off to Goodwill every once and a while.

Not really limiting myself to SPYY. They just look interesting. They are also the favorite of the “Rethinkyoyo” guy and those are my go to tutorials right now. So I thought I’d try one of them next.

It seems like a lot of the smaller companies only release new models for a short while. I read the forums and try to find yo-yos that have a bit of a track record (like the Chief). But by the time most of them are popular and had a bit of time to be out, the company stops making them in favor of new models. And then their not available or there’s just lame colors left.


My favorite SPYY that YYE has in stock: Punchline Repeater

A SPYY that is not undersized, most like a Chief, and in stock here: Amplifier or El Ranchero, but only because they are great competition models like the Chief; not because they “feel” like a Chief, cause they don’t

The SPYY that feels the most like a Chief(imo): Revenger

My suggestion is to get the Amplifier. I have no idea why it isn’t sold out. It is amazing. I’m sure one day it will also be in this category:


I would buy an Amplifier in a heart beat if the did a solid black matte like the good old days.


You really can’t go wrong with any of them. If you want something like the chief I’d go with the dynamo or amp. If youre looking for something more classic and not like the chief, the addiction is awesome! Its the Spyy I compare all my other spyys to.

Also you should check out the bst! Great deals if you don’t mind used products.