SPYY Tribute Thread

If you love SPYY throws and would like to see them return talk about it!
Maybe if this thread gets big enough it will reach them!
I even have their first 3 yoyo names picked out lol

  1. The Relapse
    2.The Recovery
  2. The 12th step

All based off their huge success the addict, and very relevant since they have been gone, for far too long if you ask me. SPYY was an awesome company and it sucks for everyone that it ended the way it did. I for one pledge to Pre-Order SPYY’s first release if they come back. Is anyone else willing to make this theoretical pledge? It’s free :smiley:

As far as my hopes to of bringing SPYY back I know it is far fetched, so untill that happens, talk about your favorite SPYY throw, and let them know that they are missed, and still have fans!

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SPYY had already closed shop by the time I started yoyoing (about 8 months ago), but based on their reputation I got an El Ranchero as my first high end. I’ve picked up another 5 SPYYs since, the Punchline Repeater is my favourite of the bunch.

I agree it’s very doubtful a new SPYY metal will ever be made again, but it looks like the SPYYxTMBR EH is getting a re-release, so at least SPYY fans have that to look forward to.

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Wow that’s awesome. Hopefully it isn’t ridiculously priced. Since everyone is sold out of what they had left you can only get used ones on eBay with a super high markup. I will have to see what’s up with this re-release. PM me if you happen to hear anything please?

Are you me? Haha. I started throwing about 6 months ago, and the Orbitron 5000 was my first high end throw, and the clerk told me when I bought it that they were out of business. A couple weeks later I bought a Supra, and eventually I treaded for an Addiction. All 3 of them are absolutely awesome, and make me want to pick up more models because they’ll just continue to get more and more scarce.

I think it would be great for them to make a comeback. The 3 that I’ve tried have all been excellent, and I know many other models are highly regarded as well… In fact, I don’t know that I’ve really seen negative reviews of any SPYY throw, so I think that a comeback would be hugely popular.

I’ll also have to keep my eye out for that Eh re-release, because I’ve been looking at fixies lately, and the Eh looks awesome. But like you, I wasn’t around while they were in business and the Eh was released.

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Spyy is my favorite yoyo company of all time. I’ve only owned/tried two of their yoyos, the addiction and Flying V, and they are amazing. Especially the addiction, I don’t know if I’d still be yoyoing today if I hadn’t bought that thing back in 2009. It was super depressing when they went out of business but hopefully one day they will make an unexpected return.

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Wow another release of the EH? I hope this is true.

yeah i gotta admit i miss SPYY too today i was playing with my amplifier and orbitron 5000 i haven’t used my orbitron in forever and forgot how smooth and nimble it was i fell in love with it all over again. That and it makes me sad that most of the newer yoyoers on the forums dont know about them…

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I love SPYY. Have most of their throws. Biggest trauma in my life as of late is that my Amplifier was misplaced/stolen/lost and I haven’t had it for months. I miss that throw so badly.

Honestly, I love spyy, but the EH wasn’t for me.

sorry you feel that way. feel free to hit me up and let me know specifically what you didn’t like about it. i’m still pretty fond of it.

this thread warms my heart. steve is the best, and his yo-yo’s were/are so great.


I bought an unopened Addict 1. :slight_smile: I also have a SPYY Radian. Love them both. As a Fixed axle Fan I will be buying the new Eh. :slight_smile: I hope it is offered in other woods. ;D

I’ve never had the opportunity to play an Eh, I’ve been searching high and low since I started yoyoing, trying desperately to get my hands on one, so I’m really excited it’s getting a re-release. Thanks Ed for making it happen :slight_smile:

I’ll do my best, but your best bet is to follow Ed on instagram http://instagram.com/edhaponik

I think some people might not like it because they are expecting some crazy good-for-1a fixed axle yoyo. When it plays like the fixed axle yoyo that it is, they’re disappointed.
I’ve personally never tried it. What sets it apart from other fixed axle yoyos?

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Exactly. I’ve never played it, but I’ve played many fixed axles, and I can tell you it takes a certain type of player to really appreciate them. Some people want super smooth yo-yos–I’m assuming the EH has vibe like all fixed. Some people’s style consists mainly of speed combos–the EH I’m assuming can’t do more than 5 consecutive pinwheels at high speeds like all fixed.

Like, I’m not sure if this makes sense, but you almost have to even throw and catch fixed axles a certain flowy way to really appreciate them.

i don’t want to take a spyy tribute thread and make it about the eh, which is obviously the most anomalous yo-yo spyy designed.

basically, i find it to be a pretty much perfect fixed axle yo-yo. obviously people may disagree with that, but its diameter, weight, and axle give it as much spin time as i tend to need and its profile offers solid regens and flips well. works well for stalls and stop n go’s, too. this vid 2 years old, but it gives you a sense of what it can do. lots more in my instagram or on my youtube.


ANY fixed axle yo-yo is going to be a lot harder to use than a ball bearing yo-yo with respect to long combos or popular contest-style tricks. the eh was designed to work well for the stuff that i tend to do the most. i think a lot of people like it because it’s a yo-yo that has a story (how many metal yo-yo manufacturers are cool with one of their sponsored players playing wood for a year AND go out of their way to design them a great yo-yo?) and the production version represents a collaboration between three amazing people in the yo-yo community (steve, colin, and andre). it’s not perfect. it won’t turn you into a fixed axle fiend. it’s not a magic bullet - just a solid fixed axle yo-yo.

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Apart from the eh, do you have a favorite SPYY?

Also, if you’re working to revive the eh, that’s great. I’ve been looking at fixies, and the eh is a design that really appeals to me, but I’m way too late to the game to get my hands on one. Plus, although saying “eh” is a Canadian thing, as a Minnesotan, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a part of my regular vocabulary, haha, so I love the name of it. I’d be all over a re-release.

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i mean aside from the eh, the ronin and flying v are the closest to my heart, since those were the two with which i had design input. i still think the v is about the coolest, most unique throws out there. besides THOSE, maybe pistolero or amplifier? SO awesome.

here are the ones i have handy (besides eh’s).

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I have a second run Ronin, it was my first highend metal. It’s fun, but unstable, I like the spikes. How different is it than Throw Down’s version?

Nice. The V is definitely on top of my list of SPYY wants, and that dark/light green wash Addiction was the original color I wanted before I got my black one.