The yoyo brand SPYY is closed??


Is it? or just a facebook rumor




Doubt it.


Well I hope not. Thanks


They just recently released the EH 2013 and Amplifier in December of last year. They definitely aren’t out of business. A part of me would die if SPYY went out of business. They’re my #1 favorite company.

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I’d be interesting in knowing where this is written.

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I believe Steve has just been busy with some things.

Edit: Must have changed, sad to see Spyy close.


What a weird way to phrase the question.

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Wow, farewell to one of the best brands on the market. Let the remaining yoyos stay as a great part of yoyo history. :’(

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As a huge fan of SPYY, my selfish side is disappointed, but I’m happy in that I already have most of what I’ve desired from the brand, and that I’ll always be looking for more. I hope everyone involved with SPYY finds themselves a great future, they deserve it.


Wow Augie not going to Worlds and SPYY closing all in one day :frowning:


Wow… I guess that’s it… I better pick up a ranchero before they are out of stock :-\


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! sigh dang… :confused: They’ll still be my favorite company and I’ll continue to collect and enjoy their yoyos. Very sad news…


That’s too bad, they always made good stuff. Sadly i think their ano and designs really let them down here in the last year. The Dynamo and Amplifier just look pretty meh in terms of ano compared to most competitors.


And I never even got to try one!!!

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It’s not like the ones that already exist are going away! Somehow I doubt that people are going to be hoarding them unless they were already SPYY collectors to begin with. I practically guarantee you’ll still see them in circulation.


Having owned a Supra and Spyder II, I can truthfully say that they were two of the best made yoyos I have ever had the privilege to play. I have always wanted to have an Amplifier though, it looks so good and the Plasma Burn colorway is sooo sick.


They have always been some of the top throws on the market. Sad but understandable. Amazing yoyos. Really amazing.