Show off your SPYY's

I also have a Galactic Goose on the way

I’ve got 3 Trainwrecks and I’m getting a PURE Gold on Saturday. I’ll wait until then to take pics.

Theres a new sheriff in town…

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I’ll post pictures soon but here’s a list of my SPYY collection.

Black Beta Pistolero
Blue Pure
Flying V
Galactic Goose

gold skyy chaser and galactic goose, see my collection topic for pics.

got a punchline on the way, pics when it gets here

I gotta a Punchline, SB Skyychaser, and a Trainwreck 2.0.

I used to have a SPYY Addict with Konkave bearing. That thing was a REAL player, but lost it. It was the closest thing to THE perfect yoyo I’ve ever played. I never took any photos of it, and I don’t even remember what number it was.

So I have these 2 beauties

Amber/ Orange (2nd run with Konkave)
Blood Black (Stock with Center Trac)

They play a lot better with konkaves over center trac imo.

My SPYY Addict. I love it.

Oh I so COVET that yoyo. I got a pistolero and a Spyder. Gotta get pics up.

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^well I’m jealous… :wink:

For a second there I thought that was #60. Good thing I caught myself.

I don’t have any numbers that impressive in my collection. The lowest number I have is a #031 red Addict!

Man, I really think SPYY should number their yoyos again.

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I loved their Number system, gave it a more fun feel .

Here’s Meh only SPYY throw, My og Spyder (grinds Great, might I add)
Untitled by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

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