Show off your SPYY's

My SPYY Skyy Chaser
(Small Bearing)
Sorry for the crap pic, too lazy to get my camera.

Beautiful looking yoyo in real life, and smmmooooottthhh.
Nope I’m not selling/trading it. :slight_smile:

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Finally got me a PC TrainWreck :smiley:

DUDE, that is LEGIT!!! I always loved the train wreck…I want one so badly now, lol.


That one there is a 1 of 21 that were Powder Coated :slight_smile:

Very nice, d42kn355. I love spyy, even I have only played with 2 and own one, definitely a worthy company.

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This is a one of 8 (maybe ten, can’t remember which Jon Rob told me) BAC Pure.

At first glance it looks a bit like a Pure VSOP. Notice though that the rims aren’t raw aluminum.

EDIT - I looked for and found my response from Jon Rob when I sent him this pic asking about the yo-yos finish. It has painted appearance.
DSCN3518 by lj_vegabomb, on Flickr

Beyond Jealous.
Vegabomb… I WANT! lol. Know that I wont acquire. But that is friggin awesome right there!
Got me an Orbitron 5000 Today!
(ignore the Ni Cascade next to it…lol)

caitie’s new pink o5k is pretty sweet.


I love my spyy


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At the moment…

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A WONDERFUL Xmas gift. Thanks Japhle.

The happy little Flying V family… ;D

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Awe!!! You have the beta Pistolero!! Super ultra mega jealous to the 1000000 power.

My humble SPYY collection.


One of these things is not like the others… Oh, it is the silver Pistolero, it is messing up your Feng Shui, I think you should get rid of it…I know a guy who would love it… ::slight_smile: