SPYY Updates 2010-11-20, Who is Gary Longoria? You might be surprised!

Well… I think it’s about time SPYY reserved a spot here to bring players the latest tidbits on upcoming product and happenings… Finally O0

We’ve been at it for a while now, in fact SPYY made it’s first metal throw (the Radian) in March of 2006. It’s been a slow and steady pace ever since. I recently had an interview with the awesome folks on String Burn Live where we discussed how SPYY got its start. You can watch this episode here if you’d care to hear me ramble on about this type of shtuff: http://www.stringburnlive.com/2010/05/29/spyy-pro-flying-v-episode-046.html

Suzanne and I have tried to maintain a pace of production where we could focus on quality and leave “quantity” to the big companies. Our growth has been slow, but manageable while raising a new family (two boys now! Wheeeeeee!). Parenting and holding a steady job while running SPYY has been a huge challenge. It’s only been until recently that I’ve felt like my head is finally above water! I haven’t been as active in the online community as I’d like to, so my hopes are that this thread will help focus my time and attention to better communicate with the people that buy (or those that are considering buying) a SPYY. I’ll do my best to update this thread on a regular basis and to answer the questions or comments you may have.

As I’m sure most of you already know, SPYY prides itself on being able to release something new on a regular basis. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m able to work closely with skilled machinists at my workplace. This ensures that new designs are feasible and manufacturing tolerance meet my exacting specifications. This isn’t the case with most brands, where they have to outsource their machining - something that can add to the nightmares of pressing forward with a new design. I always try my best to put a spin on the same old formula. Some of our stuff may seem a bit out there, and others may appear to be on the conservative side. In truth, there’s no one magic formula and what works for some players or collectors may not for others. In the end, new SPYY product is being released frequently enough that we hope to nail your idea of the perfect yoyo one way or another. I always have an open door (or Inbox) policy, so if there’s ever something you’d like to see come out of SPYY, then please, please, PLEASE shoot me an email or PM. We CAN do it… and I’d also love to hear from you, even if it’s just to say “Hi!” :slight_smile:

So without further a due, here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

The Pro (or “the monster” as I like to call it!) is now in stores. This yoyo is a huge departure from the familiar SPYY recipe. My intent was to nail a no compromises, full attack mode alien from outer space. Hehe! I think we accomplished just that. Yup, no spikes :slight_smile: Ed, or legendary old skool player described it like this: “the pro effing kills. it hunts whales and tigers and cures juvenile diabetes. i can’t imagine using a different yo-yo on stage. i mean the V’s do too, but we knew i’d love those, whereas the pro is pretty much the anti-V.” Guy, our resident trendsetter said: “the pro is a tomahawk cruise missile strapped to a Ferrari with a laser on it…somewhere!” and to summarize the numerous emails from our overseas competitor Zannix: “Truely amazing! Lots people in the Hong Kong region want it after trying mine!”. Anyway, as I’m sure you can tell, I’m totally-totally stoked about this release. I think it’s one of SPYY’s best yet, so please go out of your way to try one. You’ll be blown away with it’s alien presence :wink:

Next on my list to announce is another new release from SPYY. This design has been sitting in the back of my mind for quite some time, so I’m really excited to finally show it off. It’s smaller and wider, with a very bold shape. I’ve named it “Stryker”,which describes it’s pin-point accuracy when played. It’s solid and consistent due to its size and profile shape. I’m expecting these back from anodizing soon, so I’ll post pictures once they arrive (they won’t be blue).

And yes, choo betcha… there’s another new design in the works named “Speed Freak”, but I’ll leave further details on that one for a later date :slight_smile:

Finally to wrap up for now, I’d like to send out my most sincere thanks and big hugs, to the all the SPYY fans: I’m always blown away when I see pictures of how many of our creations fill your cases and displays! A big, BIG thanks to the stores: It goes without saying that I couldn’t do this without your amazing support and confidence in our products. To my team: YOU EFFING ROCK! And last, but not least, to the SPYY haters and critiques: You inspire me to do it better than ever. Keep it up!

I do it all for the love of yoyoing, but most of all because of my love for this small but huge-hearted community that I like to call home. SPYY, over and out.


I don’t know why, but i am soo happy after i read this. Like a deligt felling.
Yoyo maker do have so much thought on their product.

Myself never had an SPYY, but i always want one. I always want a punchline.
That last design look great.

SPYY is just so good! Great people,(uh I’ve only talked to Steve) great customer service and don’t forget amazing yoyo’s! I think that this is what manufacturing yoyo’s is all about, slow but with love and that’s why I will never trade my punchline. It is a true example of this. Scuba Steve and SPYY, I LoVE you guys! Keep at it!

i have never tried a spyy yoyo before BLC, and all i can say is that i may be willing to trade my hatrick (probably the greatest complement i can give) for a punchline or skyy chaser or really any spyy. all are cosistantly just as good as the last with its own twists. i loved the shape of the skyy chaser and the punchline was way different than i imagined (in a good way). props on every yoyo that i tried. i really want a… well a spyy

that new yoyo thats getting made is my kinda yoyo love that shape by any chance do you have an aproximate date to be releasing i know your not sure but just something kinda close (goto save up money)

I love the Punch Line too! Almost as much as I love Guy Wright :slight_smile:

The Stryker isn’t far off, so start collecting your pennies. Maybe shipping to stores within a few weeks or sooner.

looking forward to getting my hands on one or two of these new throws! Will we be seeing you and suzanne at worlds again this year?

I’ll be there, but Suzanne is staying home with the kids this year.

ahhh well it will be good to see atleast one of you again!

I have been really searching on the SPyy yo-yos today.
I watched the StringBurn reviews of the addiction and the Flying V.

I want them both, but will be purchasing one for now since I am fairly new to the scene.

I believe I have made up my mind with a Flying V. :slight_smile:

Now those come with both bearings for unresponsive and responsive play, correct?

Yes, they come with both sizes. Simply add thick lube to the already installed thin bearing. Thanks!

Can you shoot me a PM of a place that carries replacement pads for my Skyy Chaser. Not the dif pad, the clear one.

I have a quick question that I will type very slowly. ::slight_smile:

The Spyys that we see here on expert’s shop, are they gone when they sell out. Or do yo-yos get restocked?

I am referencing the Addicition and the Flying V.

They will sell out. I only produce batches of 200-300 yoyos, but if there’s enough demand from stores and players I’ll do another run.

Okies, then I will order the ones that are lower in stock 1st. :wink:

Moar news from SPYY:

  1. Joey Fleshman has joined our team! Woooo-Hoooo! WE LOVE YOU JOEYY (notice the two y’s?)

Check the SPYY blog and team profile page to read more: http://spyy.ca/

  1. Canadian Nationals is next weekend in Calgary, my home town. SPYY will be offering all kinds of goodies. We’ll see you there?


Contest details can be seen here: http://2010.canadanats.ca/

  1. YoYoskills.com has announced Adam Bottiglia as it’s contest winner for a new SPYY Pro. Congrats Adam! We’ll send out your new yoyo right away :slight_smile:

  1. The SPYY Stryker is almost ready to ship to stores. Here’s a quick shot.

SPYY team member ZANNIX (aka: Kin Kwan Wong) is the official 2010 China National Yo-Yo Contest 1A Winner!  Congrats!

Strykers are on their way to stores.

The specs are as follows:
Diameter: 49.5mm
Width: 41mm
Weight: 67g
Gap width: ultra low-walled, 4.5mm
Response: Recessed silicone pads - accepts flowable silicone
Bearing: large C size Center Track from Central Bearing Company
String: yellow 100% poly
Finish:  Bead blasted and splash anodized

SPYY will be at Worlds - we’ll see you all there!

It looks good Steve! Specs?

Specs added :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder.

the strker is awsome i really want to get one!