SPYY Updates 2010-11-20, Who is Gary Longoria? You might be surprised!

I haven’t bought the pro yet and you come out with another tasty looking throw!


LOTS of SPYY love!

Now I have to decide to get a pro punchline or a stryker curse you Steve Buffle and your magic Canadian yoyos >:( ;D ;D

There’s a rumor that each of his yoyos is actually forged in the flames of Mordor.

That would explain a lot :-\ wouldn’t it

… rumor?

This is great news, I am gearing up to grab another Pro ( I have the green one) cause I love it so much and want to make sure I have a backup.

Now I can toss this in my cart as well. :smiley:

so yoyoskills said they dropped in [some store in the uk]. when do they drop in yye? it looks tasty. i just got the punchline as my first spyy and i am digging it, though it is all i got. i am trying to get a few more so i can say it might tie with generalyo on my favorite company.

Finally SPYY is making an H-Shaped yoyo!


Watch out for the debut of the Speed Freak at the World YoYo Contest. It’s fast and freaky!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Speed Freak specs:
Weight: 63.5g = speedy!
Diameter: 53.9mm
Width: 41.5mm
Bearing: C
Gap width: 4.25mm
Finish: bead blasted
Response: CBC slim pads - accepts flowable silicone

awesome! how much is this going to be costing?

You should’ve also said Jungyo Choi is now on your team :smiley:

I like the awesome sounding name I SPYY…
and always wanted a Skyy Chaser because it just looks so bleeding awesome with that Phoenix engraving!!

Oh Speed Freak… This looks good… ;D I’m now assured I’m going to have a big-ass headache when i buy my next metal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say steve, why must you tempt me…I do love wide undersized throws…BUT I AM SAVING FOR A 54!

spyy is the canadian counterpart of general yo…

speed freak?!


nice name’s choise!

Haha! Too funny :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for him to submit a nice picture so I can make the announcement more official ::slight_smile:
I’ll post more after Worlds.

Aight :slight_smile: