SPYY Updates 2010-11-20, Who is Gary Longoria? You might be surprised!

spyy is the canadian counter part of gen- wait…

oh. well i am not alone when i think that. btw, just got the skyy chaser and punchline. they are amazing except for one thing. why oh why didn’t you beadblast the chaser?!?! it is such a good shape for grinding.

same reason why yyf doesn’t beadblast their expensive metals…

to piss you off…

the good news is that i can practice grinds on non bead blasted surfaces

I grind with scratched up plastics…and a glove

(im not getting a 54 because I just love the signature 1drop groves too much to part with them, I’ll be getting a ministar in the mail tommorow ;D)

WOW! My head is still spinning in a blissful state of euphoria. I returned in one piece, but seriously lacking sleep from the western hemisphere’s greatest indoor show on earth, the legendary Worlds Yo-Yo Contest. I’ve been four times and this year has to be one of the best yet. If we’re experiencing a boom like many people think, I’d say the level of talent in players is matching that growth. I’m still blown away with what I witnessed.

This WYYC was a benchmark event for the SPYY team and it definitely showed in the spirit and enthusiasm of our players. The team was in full brigade sporting new work shirts, belt buckles as well as a couple of new faces. Our presence was felt throughout the contest venue and local burger joints :slight_smile: I’m proud and thankful for our colorful crew.

Jungyo Choi made his debut to the team at the contest. He originates from Korea, but now lives in Calgary where SPYY is produced. This will lend many benefits not only to SPYY’s product development, but also to our local club and scene.

Jungyo recently placed 7th at the Korean Summer Festival, 13th at Korean Nationals and most notably 2nd at the Canadian Nationals. We are confident in his abilities and believe that he has the foundation of a contest winning player. Look forward to seeing him at many USA events in the coming year. His player profile will be up soon.

Joey Fleshman made his first public appearance wearing SPYY colors and did us proud by representing with full vigor and enthusiasm. It was fun to see Joey surrounded by young, eager players who were all interested in trying every SPYY in his bag. Joey has been making his mark on the contest scene, with a strong second placing at MAR, he also has strong ties with SAVE DETH, a super bunch of people and a solid yoyoing lifestyle brand. Check out their webiste here: www.SAVEDETH.com. We look forward to seeing the future results of Joey’s fresh perspective on trick composition and competitive yoyoing.

Ed Haponik, the rock star of the team, arrived after a long drive to the contest venue 4:00am Friday morning. Our crew stayed up all night and into the morning to welcome him “home”. After a long hello and Ed handing out the much anticipated belt buckles (I had them delivered to NC), everyone dispersed to get a few winks before continuing our journey into yoyoing bliss the next day. Ed made a classic appearance in period dress for the Duncan 1964 contest recreation. The old rules were laid out (all very strict) and the players had to comply with precision or be sternly criticized by the judges. Yoyoing back then was serious business! Ed’s skills were strong and appreciated by all.

Guy Wright, the smooth master of flow and style was regularly spotted at the contest with his motley crew of friends all busting out insane combos and hits. Guy has made himself a legend our our community with his incredibly stylized moves and he was more than happy to show off these skills to whoever asked. Guy was regularly seen with an enthusiastic camera stuffed in his face, so watch out fresh contest footage of him in the coming days… There were also rumors floating around of an all new Punch Line in the works :wink:

A big thanks and hug to everyone at the contest I met and an even bigger hug to those who I missed. It was awesome to see familiar faces and to meet new ones. I had the time of my life and I miss you already. We’ll see you at Nationals!

The World Contest is and check point or milestone of sorts. Everything builds up to the event, especially for SPYY. It gets super busy and perhaps even flustered at times making sure everything is falling into place. There’s always some deadlines cut short or even missed, but in the end it all works out.

what could you possibly do to make the punchline better?

I guess you’ll have to wait and see ;D

I was gona’ get a SPYY but then I read Jonathon Robinson’s interview. Anyone read that on the .org? Pretty nuts.

lol. if that interview could influence you not to buy this or that yo-yo, i think you might have taken it a little too seriously.

na i was just kidding i was just trying to say i thought that interview was pretty nuts lol

Here’s the latest SPYY headlines…

Over the pond SPYY team member Kin Kwan Wong (known by many as “KK” and to some as Zannix) took a HUGE win in 1A at the 2010 Hong Kong YoYo Contest! Zannix threw an near flawless routine that was perfectly choreographed with his trusty and unstoppable SPYY Pro. That’s the second big win after his recent victory at the 2010 CNYYC. Way to go, Zannix!

Here’s his routine:

SPYY has signed up to Twitter with plans to link up our blog, so you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to what’s fresh.  Our account name is “SPYYCanada”, so please follow us so we can venture together into the wild and unpredictable world of Yo.

The Speed Freaks are finally shipping to stores!

This yoyo premiered at the 2010 WYYC with great success and is now ready for general release. It’s profile was originally inspired by the
Addiction, but on closer inspection shows an all new shape, with a sleeker profile and revised low walled gap.  The laser graphics are styled after west coast skate & surf culture… with a little bit of Canadiana SPYY flavor added.  Many players at the Canadian Nationals and World Contest commented that it’s effortless dream to throw and makes for very fun combos.  It plays, fast, light and cuts through the air with extreme precision.  It’s shape and weight distribution were designed around an extremely fast and accurate style of play… The perfect pocket throw.  More details and specs can be seen here: http://spyy.ca/index.php/speed_freak


And to wrap up for today…  SPYY has new and exciting throws in the works that will be released over the next few months, so stay tuned for updates on these fresh gems.  In the menwhile, please feel free to hit me up via email: steve@spyy.ca or even by PM.  We’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just to say hi!

Phew…  It’s been a whirlwind of activity around SPYY these days.  Here’s some little bits, but for moar details please visit http://spyy.ca/

We went to the NYYC and stumbled across this award.  WOW… wow!

The Legendary Ronin is finished and now shipping to stores.

Lilia, a Spin Doctor from SF is our newest team member.  Welcome, Lilia!

Ronin looks sick. Can’t wait to try that out.
Also congrats on the award. You guys deserve it!

I need that ronin

Just thought I would post this so that everyone knows that SPYY has absolutely top notch customer service. While I may get throws from other companies SPYY has converted me to the :sunglasses: spy side. I had been given the chance to purchase a Ronin direct and due to the wonders of modern technology the purchase fell through. Even though it is not their responsibility to get me one they are working on making sure I get one anyway. I have to commend them for going above and beyond what most would do, and even if the Ronin wasn’t something to drool over they would now have one more loyal customer.

I just have to remark again about how astounding the artwork is on the Ronin. Not to mention despite the fact of how incredible it looks on the computer screen, I imagine it would look even more amazing in person. I hope one day I too get the privilege of trying/owning one.

ummm since I don’t speak whatever language that guy was speaking and the text was so small and blurry to read I have absolutely no idea what he was saying or doing to that poor poor yoyo. What was the point of destroying the Stryker? What was he trying to accomplish?

This is what the description said.

“spyy is a very good brand!
this video is just a joke!
i had some problem with my styker so Steve from spyy told me to drstroy it…
then he will send me a new one!
fun deal!
crazy video…”