SPYY Yoyos: What are they like? Whats your favorite?

Im looking to get a new yoyo and i would like to know what is up with most of the major brands. I hear alot about SPYY but i know nothing about them. I Know im asking for opinion but could anyone with any experience with SPYY yoyos tell me what some good ones are that you have liked? and also what SPYY yoyos are generally like? Are they smooth, fast, long spinning, stable, or just have their own unique feel?

Anyone who can help i greatly appreciate.

They are amazing if you have the chance get one. The addiction is my fav

Spyy is my single fav company. For some reason they have stayed under the radar of most yoyoers. I’ve owned about a dozen of them over the years. All have been dead smooth and long spinning. My favorite is the Solaris. As you know the shape is all preference. The dynamo is a solid player too. I haven’t tried any of the last 2 releases though. Hope to soon. Some of the older models can be found on the BST forum for a very good deal. If you have a shape preference I think you should be able to find something that suits you. Can’t go wrong with SPYY.

Amp lif ier

SPYY makes very good yoyos. They make a wide variety and they all play well, though different, so it’s hard to categorize them.

I only have one SPYY, the solaris, and with a KK bearing, it is one sweet throw.

old dog

I only have one SPYY and it’s a Dynamo and I love it! It has a really unique feel, smooth super stable, and grinds are mind blowing! From the SPYY’s I’ve tried, all have been awesome. So if you have the opportunity, get one! Dynamo’s are always recommended by me if they are still in stock.

I haven’t tried any yet, but I would jump at the chance to. They’re probably not used as much by yoyoers because SPYYs used to have D sized bearings.

There’s really nothing wrong with “D” size bearings. Most HSPINs come w/them too. They all play great.

Try the punchline. It is great.

I really like SPYY as a company and have always enjoyed their 54mm+ sized throws. The Pro and Solaris are two of my favorites and, although I won’t be buying one, the Amplifier has a great shape and has been well reviewed.

I know, but people just seem to think anything that doesn’t have a C bearing is automatically low grade or something.

I’ve owned a few spyys, all of which were pretty dang good. I wasn’t so fond of the addiction, but radian 2, ronin, and revenger were all excelent. In fact, the revenger is still one of my favourite yoyo.

I have collected 7 (soon to be 8 ) SPYY yoyos and they are all very different. The one thing that they all share is that SPYY smooth spin and smooth, and most have that soft beadblasted surface. They all look killer. Find one with specs you like and you will not be disappointed.

definitely this. The brown/black (forget what they called it) anno on my addiction was what I’d call a work of art.
And the lazer engraving on my revenger is just extraordinary.

I own quite a few yoyos only one of them is SPYY and it is by far my favourite. It’s a flying v. Smooth as silk, flawless response and it sleeps forever. For me the shape is perfect, narrow and literally ‘v’ shaped, fits to the hand perfectly. It comes with a slim profile bearing too which is fantastic for responsive play and more old school tricks. By far the most fun yoyo I have played.

I’m sure you would get this high standard with any of the SPYY range. I would love to own a Ronin, really nice looking throw with cool colours and engravings.