Is the SPYY Adiction any good?


I know this is an older yoyo, but i was wondering if it’s any good. I am going to ask for a yoyo for Christmas and this one really appealed to me. So does anyone have this yoyo, and would you recommend it?


This is a great throw. I picked mine up used about a year ago, and still treasure it. It is a fast, kind of floaty yoyo, but is very stable. I don’t love the shape ( a yoyo that felt like that but was v shape would be hands down my go to throw), but that is preference. I put a ten ball in mine. So. Crazy. Smooth. If you like the shape, go for it. Also look at the capless. I have heard the two compared.


Cool, thanks


Yes it is. The current reality is that you really can’t go wrong with a SPYY product. (IMHO)

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I second that.


I third this. Everything SPYY makes is gold. Industry standard for excellence and amazing throws, in my opinion. Addiction is great. SPYY cannot let you down.

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I really like mine. It’s a cool organic shape and fun to play.
SPYY Addiction by MBsShots, on Flickr


Put short yes.


That is an Addict.
Anyways, the Addiction is great. Comfy in your hand, silky blast, super floaty, and stable.

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It’s a first run Addiction. The Addict came in red or green, and had a D sized bearing I believe with a shallower response cut for Dif Pads.


The Addict also came in black, I think.


SPYY are probably the most consistently good company. The Addiction is amazing. Awesome finish, super smooth, not a real radical shape but also not too narrow or high-walled, just a nice all around throw and can be purchased for a great price on the B/S/T usually.


It’s an addiction, 
there is no such thing as saving face on the internet. deal with it.

Those are the same engravings, C bearing undeniably in this shot. I bought one from that first run when it released.
so it’s an addiction, plus on top of that it’s one of the best yoyos i’ve had the luxury of trying.


If you end up liking it, then yes.

Otherwise, no. Well, no that’s not true. It’s still good, but then it would just be a matter of your preferences.

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Even the Spyder?


Yes, even the Spyder! I have a Spyder II and I really like it. It’s a fun little throw.