SPYY Addiction Review

Whenever you say SPYY. Saturn Precision Yoyos.
You know what to expect
Only the Best Quality
The Smoothness
The Awesomeness
SPYY Addiction. Is just… Amazing


Weight: 65g
Diameter: 54mm
Width: 43.5mm
Gap Width: 4.0mm
Made out of: VERY High Grade Aluminium
Bearing : SPYY Bearing . C Sized
Response : Silicone Rings

The design on the Addiction is just amazing. The orange bead-blasted finish. The Awesome skull. Nice Spikes. The addiction has Got to be my favorite yoyo. Ever. And probably the only yoyo i would ever want.

Spin Time : 4 Minutes and 39 Seconds
Grinding time : 5 Seconds
Smoothness : No vibe at all no matter how i throw
Price : 105USD

Once i threw the Addiction. I JIZZED IN MY- Just Kidding

So, First throw. When i played with it, It was amazing (It Still Is) . However, It was lighter than i expected it to be. Tight binds, smooth playing, stable, Just Amazing

I dont know if this review fails but… I really cant say anything. This yoyo is just amazing

Alot of people said that the gap would be ’ too big ’ but i like it.

Final Thoughts
This yoyo is awesome, if you dont have one, get one. If you have one, You would agree that it is awesome, Overall, This yoyo deserves a 10/10.

Get one. Now.

If you think it’s great now throw a 10 ball in it.

Or just throw an Addict. D bearings are soooooo smooth.
I have an Addiction 2 and had an Addcit. I’m getting another Addict in the mail soon :smiley:

I’d suggest leaving out the spin time and such, becasue that’s useless. People throw different and thus will get different times.