SPYY Pro Review

OK lets take a look at the specs:

Diameter: 54mm/2.13 in.

Width: 44mm/1.73 in.

Gap Width: 4.5mm/.18 in.

Response: Recessed Pads - Accepts Silicone
Compatible with Slim CBC or K-PadResponse

Weight: 67.5 grams

Bearing Size: C

 Ok to start off this is an awesome yoyo. I recently purchased it at worlds and I'm telling you it has absolutely no flaws. This yoyo plays great on the string in my opinion. I'd have to say this yoyo is a bit floaty but thats how I like my yoyos. So, as I was saying I purchased this yoyo at the WYYC 2010 and I was impressed as soon as it caught my eye. From that moment on I knew I was purchasing that very yoyo. First I checked for any annodization flaws.None. Then, I gave the bearing a flick and it spun for about 25-30 seconds. I was amazed! I threw my first throw and then went in to a combo that I had recently made up. It was floaty, but just heavy enough to where it felt comfortable to me. I was wondering how it would play since this is SPYY's first yoyo without the center spikes, and it was amazing! I purchased the red/orange color combo (fishy fire) and the annodization was beautiful! 

 I performed a thumb grind and it was pretty decent. Then came the bind. I was kind of worried about this because I really didnt know how it would bind.Oh my gosh it binded probably better than any yoyo I've ever thrown before. So I tried it again this time I performed a basic backspin bind and WHA POW the yoyo smacks my hand like never before! Even though my hand was somewhat in pain it was GREAT!

 Now for the sleep time! I wound up the Angel Hair and gave it a decent sleeper. Slept for about 4 min. on a bad to decent sleeper. Then I decided to throw my best sleeper and I got an 8-9 minute sleep! The longest sleeping yoyo I have ever thrown!

 So If your the yoyoer who like yoyos with alot of rim weight,balance,a HUGE GAP, and NO VIBE this is the yoyo for YOU!

So lets recall:

Sleep time: 8-9 min.
Thumb grinds: 7/10
Binds: 10/10
Overall feel: 10/10 ;D

Im so glad I purchased this yoyo and I know you will be too!
I hope this review helped and this was my first, I hope to be making more ;)

Overall: 9/10 ;D

Another awesome yoyo from SPYY 8)

Great that you’re liking the Pro. It’s an utterly stellar throw.

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I hope I can try the pro one day it looks like an unstoppable yoyo

I’d like it if the gap was a tad smaller… way too big for me