SPYY Supra Review

Hello folks and thanks for stopping by.

Diameter: 51 mm / 2.00 inches
Width: 41.00 mm / 1.61 inches
Gap Width: 4.5 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams
Response: Recessed Pad
Compatible with Slim CBC or K-Pad
Also accepts flowable silicone
Bearing Size: Large Stainless Steel Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

The yoyo currently comes in two colors, a Purplish/Blue wash or Gold Acid wash. I picked the Gold Dust finish because it looks so so cool in the light. Almost like a real ingot of gold, except the acid finish has a two toned gold splashy combination which appears light silvery gold and gold. Under tungsten it has a wonderful luster, sheen and glow. I must say if an adult can seriously look at a yoyo and call it elegant, that’s what this is. It simply looks elegant and super classy. If you practice in front of a mirror, you will LOVE the look.

The feel of the finish I have to say as with the Pro is not as smooth like some other bead blasts or tumble finishes I have in my collection. Out of the box It seems to feel a bit coarse, but as you hold it and play it, it gradually seems to get smoother and smoother and surprisingly does not affect it’s grinding abilities.

The undersized classification they give it I feel is pushing the envelope as this one is larger than the 888x or Chaotic, or Yuuksta or Quark and probably most undersized throws in general. BUT it is smaller of course than a full size yoyo like the Pro, Sharp or Protostar, Meteor etc.

The performance of this yoyo is really great! It has great balance, lengthy spin times, a low walled gap for Zero drag side style play and cuts through the string layers with ease! As you will see it has an exposed axle, this helps minimize center weight and maximize rim weight. (Other throws like this are the YYF Yuuksta, and Chaotic which are also great spinners). It comes stock with a dry flat bearing which is a very good and fairly quiet bearing out of the box compared to the noise of the CBC for example.

With such a large catch zone, many tricks are effortless. The yoyo plays fast as it’s V-shape really cuts through the air. This yoyo is very very smooth, like Buttah hehe. There may be some minimal vibe some times but that can be associated with a bad throw too.

It has a great lip for doing IRG’s and grinds very well on the whole. It is also very floaty as it offers good hang time. Binds are tight and despite it’s aggressive V-shape, the returns are comfy in your hand thanks to the softened or beveled rim design.

In closing I’ll state that this is one of my main throws alongside the Singularity, the Pro and the Quark, as it never disappoints me.

If you are interested in SPYY, or want to try out the V-shape, you can’t go wrong with the Supra (or Pro for that matter). It is very, very pleasant to throw and offers satisfying results all around.

If you have any questions or feel I missed something, feel welcome to ask or add.