SPYY PRO VS. SUPRA A Comparative Review.

Dear Yo Freaks! Because some folks have asked me which of these two models is better, I felt compelled to do a comparative review so that you may draw conclusions about each one, so here goes….

Pro Specs Supra Specs

Diameter: 54 mm/2.13 inches 51 mm / 2.00 inches
Width: 44 mm/ 1.73 inches 41.00 mm / 1.61 inches
Gap Width: 4.5 mm/ .18 inches 4.5 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams 67.5 grams
Response: Recessed Pad
Compatible with Slim CBC or K-Pad (Same)
Also accepts flowable silicone
Bearing Size: Large Stainless Steel Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) (Same)


What is REALLY great about either model is that the shape really cuts through the air. I mean they play fast. Faster than the Protostar for example.

They both Have super wide Catch Zones for easy easy catches and both very floaty.

They both have Ultra Low Walled Gaps for zero drag resistance and to help accept all those string layers even better.

They both have super heavy rim weight on the edges to promote long spins and good balance.

They both have very smooth finishes to enable super grinds, whether they are IRG’s (which are a piece of cake) finger and palm grinds.

They both come stock with a dry Spyy flat bearing which is very very good. In fact I think it beats the YYF Spec bearing.

They both feel comfortable in the hand. I use large mens gloves to give you an idea. On returns, I feel both are very comfortable. The Pro is comfy because of its smooth width, and the Supra is comfy because of its rounded rims.


I feel the PRO edges out the Supra with paint finishes. I like the Supra a lot but, the PRO’s finishes are simply Awesome. The washes are so exciting to look at. I wanted the blue but it was out of stock, so I got the red yellow one and it just seems to jump out and glow, so so shiny, a metallic matte finish. Really Superb. The Supra’s Gold finish is really nice too, but it has a more subtle sheen to it a softer glow if you will.

I also feel that the PRO is a bit more Unresponsive. I’m not sure why as they both have the same gap, but still, the Supra seems to feel tighter at the gap. Not a lot, just a bit on certain tricks like Skin the Gerbil. That’s when u can feel the difference. But also that could just be this yoyo and not other Supras.

The size is the biggest factor in determining which one you like. The Pro is 3mm wider and 3 mm taller which can make play real effortless. And for the same reason, I think the Pro has better balance and stability over the Supra. I feel that because the Supra is more compact there may be a bit more vibe sometimes, not a lot, but a bit.

BUT the advantage the Supra has over the Pro is that it’s more portable and I feel it plays faster than the Pro. I believe the reason for this is because there is LESS surface area on the Supra to push around. And the Supra can offer better torque on the throw I think thanks to it’s diameter.

Also the Supra has the smaller size advantage over the Pro when doing tight intricate mounts and knots etc… The Pro is very good, but if you do not compensate the spaces accordingly, you will crash it into the string segments hehe.

Right now this is all that comes to mind. I consider that both yoyos are really excellent and I can’t really put one above the other. They both end the race in a tie! So in the end, it really comes down to size and what your preferences are, as I believe they are two of the best yoyos money can buy.

If you want full size performance, then get the PRO. If you like slightly undersized, (because the Supra is a bit larger than reg. undersized), then get the SUPRA!

If there are any other owners of either the SUPRA or the PRO, feel welcome to add your experience both Pos or Neg, to help those who can’t decide.


Great comparison and review, thanks!

Your Welcome, I hope it puts things into perspective. Incidentally, I’ve been experimenting with different weights this week, using o rings O I bought at the hardware store. I have been switching them in and out of different yoyos and one of them was the PRO.

I have to admit that it added even more momentum to it’s spin. I like the PRO stock so I did not feel any need to try to mod it with weights but I did it anyway and got even more spin time. I don’t know exactly how much more weight was added because I don’t have a small digital scale, but judging from other comments, I’d say at least 3 more grams minimum were added making the Pro weigh 70.5 grams. And the yoyo seemed to be even smoother.

The Only draw back was the string was kinda giving me brush burn so I had to use the spandex type yoyo gloves on my non throw hand for protection. The change feels like playing a whole different yoyo. So its something to consider somewhere down the line if you end up getting bored with the feel.

Stay cool…

One of the best reviews i’ve read, thank you! :slight_smile: My favourite is the Supra, i prefer the ‘slightly undersized’ yoyo ;D

Hello and thanks for the kind words! I agree with you, the size and feel of this yoyo is really spot on. Thx for the post!

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I’ve been interested in buying a supra. Does it feel heavy on the string? Or is it kinda floaty?I assume its kinda heavy because it seems like straight rim weight but I’ve never thrown one and sometimes looks can be deceiving.

What’s up dude… well the Supra is around the same weight as the 888X so if you have experience with that yoyo, the Supra feels lighter on the string and plays faster. Of course if you play with 64 or 65 gram throws, this one will feel heavy anyway. As far as floatiness… well it falls at the same rate as any other yoyo since the acceleration of gravity proves all objects fall at a rate of 9.81 meters per second squared, regardless of weight. BUT when you pop it up, it shoots further than your avg throw because of its V shape…So it does have good floatiness. I think you will love it. I took some pics that may help highlight the rims. by the way, I’ve been practicing sleepers with the Supra this week. First, with an “uncleaned” bearing and got 5:12, and then I switched to a cleaned bearing and got 7:54

thanks for the great comparrison, ive been thinking about getting a pro and i think this review clinches it.

Sure! So glad this was of help!