Comparative Review Spyy Pro vs YYF Genesis Plus & Spyy Supra vs YYF 888x ???


New to the forum. Hoping I can get a comparative review of the Spyy Pro vs YYF Genesis Plus & Spyy Supra vs YYF 888x. I have the YYF models mentioned and love them. I’m particularly concerned with stability, spin time, grindability, & speed. I’m thinking of buying something by Spyy. The pro looks nice. Would greatly appreciated some insite. Thanks


The SPYY Pro is a straight V design as opposed to the Genesis’s Stepped H shape design. The Pro may not be as stable as the Genesis + due to the Gen’s massive rim weight but it is a highly stable throw. The Pro has a significant amount of rim weight due to it’s design, scooping out the hub area increases rim weight. The straight V design lends to more feasible catches and string hits. As with any SPYY product it’s finish tends to make the Pro a worthy grinder. Thumb Grinds are feasible if that’s your bag.

The Supra is essentially a smaller Pro. Sporting all the goodies of the Pro as mentioned above. I love the 888 (09, never thrown a 10 version) but I would suggest the Supra over it.


Honestly you can’t go wrong with either the genesis or the pro. Do not get the genesis + because it is not as stable and does not spin as long as the regular genesis because of the hubstacks which also give it some vibe. Also the regular genesis is cheaper so whats not to love. The genesis, like the pro, have great rim weight and stability and can move at good speed. I think that the pro can whithstand the stress of my combo just a little longer than the genesis. I love the genesis and the pro but if I had to pick between them I would go with the pro. They can both do horizontial well, with no issues but the pro, with that strict v shape can handle it just a little better and can forgive some sloppiness when doing horizontal. The pro can gring much longer than the genesis and since the pro is a little smaller it is easier to manuver. The pro is also the most comfortable throw that I have as well.

Now on to the supra and 888x. Having tried niether of them I know that the supra will have more spin time and greater stability than the 888x just by looking at them and because I have tried the pro. The 888x has hubstacks which add center weight and vibe making for less spin times and it doesn’t have as much rim weight as the supra. I think that the supra would be the best choice by far instead of the 888x, you and I have alot of the same wants in a yoyo…good spin, stability and the ability to speed it up if we so choose.

I would say by far go for the pro, it has a slightly undersized diameter while still being a full sized yoyo and is great all around. I chose my pro over my superstar, genesis, dna, and supernova lite.


He wanted opinions on the SPYY products Slade. He has a Genesis + as well as an 888x.


I’m so sorry…I have failed you all…hehe. He also said he would greatly appreciate some insight so I gave him alot of it…ha…just trying to cover up for my fail


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Thanks for the input guys. I think I’m leaning towards the Pro. Thats if I can sneak another yoyo purchase past my wife. As far as stability goes, can you think of any other comparable yo? Hspin? Dif E Yo? I don’t mind a heavy throw.


If you can afford it. Consider a YYR throw. They are similar in shape and offer various diameters to suit your needs. They are a bit difficult to come by and expensive but are well worth the effort. Also consider an Avalanche, Sasquatch, Chico Heavy Hitter, Solaris, CODe 1…there are numerous high quality stable throws available to you. Thanks for the thank yous as well man! I was more than happy to help out.


Chico heavy hitter is great but pro is better, as a matter of fact I traded my hitter for a pro yesterday. The solaris looks like it would fit the mold perfectly but I have not had the pleasure of trying one, I want to so bad though. The irony from werrd is also great for spin and stability, and it is made to go fast, I thought that at 63.something grams there is no way it could spin that much, I have one now and am loving it. For 63 grams it is amazing. I would go with either the pro or the irony, I like the fact that the pro is a little on the undersized diameter but has great spin, also the irony has good stability but due to it being a little slim (not too slim but slimmer than most…1.6something) it can tip on you if your not experienced enough to where you can keep your arms straight all the time. The pro is very forgiving to not as experinced players who do not keep their arms straight…but again either would be great.

The only thing that I have to say bad about yyr is that if you use silicone for responce like I do, know that the recess in the yyr yoyos are very shallow and the silicone can rip out if you are not very very good at applying it and it is hard to find the yyr brand responce (at least for me it is). They have great yoyos but the responce problem has kept me away from them. I have used a dreadnought g and it is great (very heavy…79 grams) but that darn responce just kept ripping out…that is how I learned to silicone very well.


I have a pro it is really good but would have to say the addiction is the best spyy yoyo I have ever tried.


I think for stability you can buy SPYY Solaris, it is a little more expensive than Pro but it is worth it, or do you want One Drop Code 1 with the side effects to change how it feels, heavy side effect for stability or light side effect for speed and it is cheaper than pro


Use a YYF CBC pad in one side. It’s responsive at first but breaks in quickly. I’m sure thin CBC pads would fit just right. You can also cut out a “general” circle from hat pads which work amazing. I’m used to silicone as well but these pads will last anywhere between 4-7 months depending on how often you play. There are always options guys, be a little creative.

If your looking for stability heavy rim weight is where you want to look. Don’t neglect stepped profiles or straight v shapes either though. Also I highly disagree with your statement that the Pro is better than the heavy hitter. You may prefer one over the other but I, for instance, prefer the heavy hitter when it comes down to it.