I SPYY with my little eye: Addiction vs Punchline

so i have pleanty of good yoyos and i dont need anything. i want something though.

i have never even touched a spyy (not including Galactic Goose) but i really want one. these are my two choices. i like almost any weight. i like floaty but i want a thunk at the end of the string. i also dont want a yoyo that lags on the string because it is too heavy. i still like to try new shapes. i enjoy things with a slight H shape, but not overly H’ed. i still like trying new yoyo shapes though. i usually play small. the largest yoyo (besides the bigyo) that i own is probably the 5star or protostar. they are both awesome but i would rather have small. Grinding is SUPER important for me. i also want to try new coatings, because i only have normal anno and beadblast. i do believe both my choices are beadblasted though.

size: small
shape: any
weight: floaty, want a thunk, and dont want it to be too slow
price: they are the same
color: they both are awesome, but the Addiction looks cooler
previous throws: Hatrick, 5star, i, protostar, m1, P2 (didn’t like too much).

If you like grinding then the punchline is one of the best, the shape of the punchline is so unique, it is pretty floaty with a tiny thunk when it reaches the end of the string, SPYY claims that the punchline is full sized but, it’s smaller than my full sized DM, but definitely bigger than my hatrick.
I can’t speak for the addiction but i think the punchline is the best SPYY yoyo to date, and is definitely the best yoyo I’ve ever used in terms of play. (ok, that’s not true the best in terms of play I’ve ever used is the 888x, but still, i strongly suggest the punchline over the addiction)

hope this helped!

Johnny :slight_smile:

thanks johnny. i actually didn’t like the 888x too much. when i say that i dont want it to be laggy, the 888x is the yoyo that i think of as laggy. but i am taking your comment into consideration but i will let other people reply