looking for something new

i am looking to get a new yoyo with the collected info i have now.
ok, first off, i have a BA hatrick, 5star, M1, 888x, and a protostar. i will get the ministar the moment i can.

so i like small yoyos. i love the way the 888x feels in my hand, but i dislike it’s play. i did get a protostar which is a full sized i believe, and i do enjoy it, but i also enjoy grinds. recently i relized that i like a slightly floaty throw. i still like my thunk at the end of the string, but i dont want it to pull me down with it. i do like it to be heavy, but still floaty. i am very open minded, but the main things i dont want right now is this:
i dont want it to be a dead weight or laggy on the string, no V shaped or extream H shape. price range doesn’t matter right now.
i hade my eye on an addiction, maybe a Void or something.
i really want to try something from hspin, spyy, CLYW, or ilyy. lets see what you come up with.

I think you might like the Punchline by SPYY


Did you read his post at all?

Wait for the General-Yo Mini-Star to come out. It looks like you’ve been acquainted with General-Yo before, and this indeed is a small yoyo. Should be about $90, and I heard it’s really really really good. It should be released in about 1-2 weeks according to Ernie.

really!!! only that long! wow i know what i am getting. i thought it would be like a month or 2. and um, king and chase… seriously, you need to read before you post. this is directed at chase more, but still, king, the reviews i heard of the punchline say it is laggy on the string. i dont like that

try a bassalope its floaty and only a little bigger than 888

yah like afrozenyetibaby said try a bassalope
they are really good!!!

ok on my want list:

ok so is there anything else that anyone deems worthy of my list? wow that sounded

but the DNA is so awesome!!!
i have one
you should get it!!!
it is really good at 5a!

frantic? why something that directly defies what i said i do not want in shape? but yes, the DNA is awesome. IMO it is the best yyf stacked.


I think the Dingo sounds really good for you

you know you guys need to state your reason. punchline: i read a review and it said it was slow, obviously to fit guy’s smooth style, and i dont really like slow. as i said, i want it to be fast on the string.

dingo: what reasons do you have. i have an M1 and i know they are different shape, but i hear the dingo is the new M1